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Good evening,

As you pobably read I was at the endo last Friday well I got a call from GP as some of my esults hae come in I am now to take iron tablets three times daily! But more to the point my plasma viscosity reading was off and I am to have it redone in 4-6 weeks Is this usual with Hashimotos?

I am mildly concerned at the moment (I made the mistake of using google ) :(

Any advice would as always be greatly appreciated


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  • Usually just inflammation, infection.

  • Thanks

    That is what I hoped/thought but scared myself with google !

    It's not easy when you try figure out your results and what they mean

    Kind regards

    Maud :)

  • I have so many blood results out of whack and they have been for years, no cause ever been found. No point in worrying until you know you have something to worry about ☺

  • Plasma Viscocity is a more sophisticated version of the ESR - sedimentation rate -which measures inflammation in the blood. If you want to Google then you really need to get print out copies of your bloods and normal ranges first as otherwise you are just panicking without learning anything that may help you get your symptoms diagnosed and better controlled.

    There are many things that can raise the PV or ESR levels and also cause anaemia. They may want to check your antibodies for rheumatic diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Sjogrens. All of these will usually make the PV test high and will often cause anaemia too. Then again it could just be that you are fighting off an infection and are also rather anaemic.

    My PV is usually very high because I have Sjogrens and my blood is thick from lack of moisture and systemic inflammation. This is just one example of a connective tissue disease that causes a high PV.

    I suggest you start getting copies of your bloods and see if you can match the high levels up with your symptoms or not. If you have a cold or thrush for example - these can cause inflammation levels to be high. If you are Coeliac and are eating any gluten then this can cause anaemia.

  • Thanks

    Much appreciated...It seems these days I get a little bit worked up about stuff that did not use to bother me ....another symptom I know!

    kind regards


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