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I've another question/s....sorry

So if my new higher dose of Levo starts to get my T4 and T3 into higher numbers will I actually have a chance to loose some weight? If so do I do that by following a diet plan? If so when would I start that? how long is it likely that I've had this? How long have I had hashimotos and had no idea? That keeps spinning round my head. Any ideas?


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Probably for a very long time. But, I don't think there's any way of knowing.

You would be ill advised to start dieting at this point - or perhaps at any point - depends what you mean by 'dieting'. You do not want to lower your calories at this point because that will have an adverse effect on your conversion. And, that is the last thing you want.

My advice would be to wait until you get your T3 level up and see what happens - you're quite a long way off that, at the moment. If you're anything like me, once you get your T3 to the right place, the weight will just drop off. I didn't have to make any effort, it just happened. Some people say they then have to follow a diet, but - again - depends on your definition of 'diet'. I don't think that low calorie is ever a good idea - unless you're eating your weight in Nutella, or something - in which case, just lower it, but don't go really low calorie, because you will mess up your conversion.

Anyway, don't get ahead of yourself. One baby step at a time. :)

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Ok.......I understand that.

I guess my next question will be how long do you think it will take to get my T3 up?

Im gaining weight every week and it's freaking me out. I don't mind not loosing for now...but I do mind more gaining.

Isn't it strange to think you've been ill for so long?!


Well, I was ill for most of my life - since about 8 years old, I reckon - but I wasn't diagnosed until I was 55. Struggled with my weight all my life, but would sometimes lose weight for no reason - Hashi's! But, one doctor said to me, smirking, 'you see what a little self-control can do' - patronising B!

You have Hashi's, don't you? So, it's impossible to say how long it's going to take your T3 to come up to the right level - besides, everyone is different - there are no linear measures in thyroid. However, a little higher, and at least the weight-gain should stop. :)


Patronising B indeed!!

OK well stopping the gain would be really really good!

Thanx x




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