Natpro progesterone cream

I've been recommended to try progesterone cream by Dr P for heavy periods. I've heard this is a very good brand but it seems to be hard to get hold of. Is there a trusted UK seller I can buy from? Failing this a trusted US seller? It also seems that they only have a pump action container and not a normal hand cream style tube dispenser which I would prefer. Thanks.

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  • Serendipitious,

    Progesterone is prescription only in the UK but you can import it without prescription for your own personal use.

  • Thank you Clutter I had no idea it was a prescription only medicine. The other information is very useful too.

  • Is it me or is that link no longer working?

  • How bizarre! It says this site doesn't exist here :(

  • I've used Serenity progesterone cream and can recommend. It should come up when you Google. :)

  • I have been buying the pump action from a UK importer,as they recommend a big dose to overcome oestrogen dominance ie 2 pumps twice a day but I can't afford to continue.I don't see how you can use the pump action for normal doses.I think you can buy the tubes from USA but carriage may be prohibitive

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