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Anti bodies 👏👏👏👏

Can yoo please suggest the best book I can buy for my son whose blood test shows high antibodies.

Hopefully all knowledge will assist him in the future.

My lovely GP is keeping an eye on me taking T3 🙂 Im lucky

And🙂 He will check my son for Thyroid levels which can go up or down AND suggested nipping it in the bud . Without asking .

Loud applause 👏

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Dr peatfields book, "your thyroid and how to keep it healthy" is easy to understand and covers all aspects of thyroid. It's less than £10 on amazon.


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I've seen recommended here on the forum Isabella Wentz The Root Cause


I think this is a very useful book. Have it on my extensive book shelf!

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theres loads of info on both and on about antibodies

glad you have an informed and pro active GP


Try to find Thyroid for Dummies in your Library.


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