NDT suddenly stopped working

I switched from a synthetic T3/T4 combo to Armour NDT (3 grains), and had a couple of weeks of feeling amazing. I actually felt healthy. Then suddenly, it stopped working. My dr. told me that this happening is rare, so refused to address it. (A research specialist too.)

Has anyone else had this happen? What did you do to address it?


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  • EIRR,

    What dose T3+T4 combination were you taking before you switched to 3 grains Armour?

  • And have your bloods been repeated? What I suspect is that the T4 from the previous dose ran out, and you aren't on enough Armour.

  • Ruthi,

    I hadn't thought about that. My free T4 is currently in the lower third of the range. Thanks!

    I just can't shake the feeling of health I had that first week and a half or so of NDT. I actually felt healthy!!


  • That immediate boost is the added T3 in the system, I think. Obviously when you are on T3 containing meds its the free T3 that counts rather than the T4. Before the recent changes my FT4 was generally just below the top of the range and FT3 just above. But it does sound as if there is room for an increase.

  • I was actually on a synthetic T3/T4 combo. Which was, of course, better than just the T4, but it wasn't really working. I'm sending my endo a letter, in which I am asking him about the possibility of remaining Levothyroxine affecting things. Also about all the other things he ignored at my last appointment, but that's another story....

  • Why not just try increasing your Armour to see how you feel? Then you can give him a bit more information.

  • Because I'm at the regular max dose. I'm trying to get the doc to listen to me when I say I'm still not feeling well, and still have T4 labs that are lower than they should be. You think this wouldn't be that hard!

  • What is the regular max dose? My doctor has patients on as much as 10-11 grains of NDT a day...

  • Different people absorb differently. Any 'regular max dose' is purely arbitrary.

    You are taking it like levo, an hour before and two hours after food?

  • Having previously been on a synthetic combo drug (Novothyral), before switching to NDT (first Armour, then Erfa), my personal experience is that I get more of a "rush" from the synthetic hormones than from the hormones in NDT, T3 included. I cannot explain it (perhaps they are processed differently by the body?) but, because of this, I have always ended up needing more NDT than the stated equivalent amount of synthetic T3 + T4.

    However, on NDT, once I find the ideal dose for me, I have the impression it's more of a "smooth ride" than on synthetic combo drugs...with fewer ups and downs.

  • Interesting.

    Did you find Erfa to be more effective than Armour?


  • Yes. I tried several strengths of Armour Thyroid (reformulated version) but Erfa seems more effective indeed. My (unscientific) theory is that cellulose binds more thyroid hormone, meaning less hormones are available to the body.

  • Thanks. I will look into switching. I don't think I'm absorbing the Armour as well as I should be.

  • That may very well be the case. Many have complained about Armour working less well since the reformulation, so I'd definitely recommend you try another brand to see if it suits you better...

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