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NDT to be stopped


__From TPA

INFO FOR All _____________________

Your Local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Has your local CCG written to either yourself, or to your GP telling you (or him/her) that they are no longer able to fund the prescription of your Natural Thyroid Extract - or even synthetic T3'  We have on-going correspondence on the main thyroid forum regarding this, and we are in the process of collecting information from our members who have now been put into this awful, and frightening situation. Some have had NDT and T3 funded within the NHS for several years and find they are quite unable to function without it.  The local CCG's are telling people in their area that they must now ask their GP to prescribe a different medication s/he believes would be suitable.

If you are not sure whether your local CCG will fund NDT if your GP is willing to prescribe it for you, you can find the contact of your local CCG here This page gives details of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) that have been authorised to commission healthcare services for their communities. If you have any problems that you are unable to sort out, please see individual websites for contact details.

We are needing as many of you to take part in our new project - in an attempt to get justice for our members and this may involve taking legal action against certain CCG's.  If your GP or local CCG has contacted  you telling you they will not fund NDT (or T3) for you, please send the details to as we are already in correspondence with a firm of lawyers experienced in the field of  medical negligence.

Best wishes


Chair – Thyroid Patient Advocacy

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Fantastic news!


On my CCG web site it says an enquiry about a GP practice should go to NHS England. I have asked the question of the CCG even so.


Please please include Wales in your campaign. Nhs Wales is even worse to deal with than England on all fronts and the health boards are archaic. Please please don't leave people like me out of this if you are looking at negligence please include nhs Wales so that patients here can access NDT and t3 in the future. I had my t3 removed last summer and have m.e on top of being hypo for twenty years and am now having to self medicate, but my hope is to try to find some significant improvement and then try and get my meds funded as I can't go on paying for it on an income of £14,000 a year for my whole family, its a choice now between meds or shoes for my nine year old!


Who will fund such a medical negligence claim?

In any case, it should also include those of use whose nhs GPS have denied us ndt despite specialist endo recommendations. These bullying, revenue-hungry, profit-driven NHS GPs need to be stopped from playing god and destroying lives.


Can I clarify this, please, as I've had half a dozen emails. We need to hear from people who have been refused NDT or T3 by their CCG and who have submitted a formal, written complaint. I can supply you with the template complaint from the solicitors.

It's the reply to this complaint that the solicitors need.

Thanks to everyone who have already emailed me, but sadly just telling me you can't get T3 or are having to self fund NDT isn't what the solicitors need to hear.

If you've been refused funding and would like the template complaint letter, I'm happy to send it to you.


Yes people need to know that they need to formally request it if GP has said no then make formal request to health board or CCG. I will be doing that once I'm on NDT and not 3 only but can't do it just yet.


If NHS GPs are refusing to prescribe NDT despite specialist endo recommendations for it who do we complain to? My GP says it isn't due to funding but the fact that he cannot prescribe it or he will be struck off. Can we complain and will it get us anywhere? Or is it the GPs right to decide if he prescribes it? Can you PM me template complaint if I can use this. Thank you.


yep, the same CCGs that are now controlled by NHS GPs.


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