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T3 stopped working?

Ok so I have been experimenting the past few weeks with taking a tiny bit of T3 in the morning, every other day (1 hour before I wake up). 1/6 of a 25mcg tiromel. I haven't taken it for months and never had t4. It's weird because to begin with I saw really positive effects from it - no side effects, extra energy, temperature up to 36.4 C as opposed to 35.8 it had been before. I stopped taking it for a week to have my blood tests, and now I've begun the same regime again I'm not seeing the results. My temp has stuck at 36-36.2 and refuses to move! I feel tired more as well and today I feel like I'm getting a headache.

I hypothesize the possible reasons

1. My adrenals are burning out (please no)

2. I have used more t3 on more exercise (I have been a little more active lately due to more energy)

3. Body has got used to this dosage and needs more? (Unlikely I feel)

4. Can t3 go off?? Become less effective? I bought this batch 6 months ago.

5. I need t4.

What seems most likely or have I overlooked something? I am still working at upping my b12/folate/ferritin levels. But I was before so I don't see why it suddenly stopped being effective. I just don't want the horrible headaches and heart palps again. But I do want to get better! Sorry for this mess of a post, I'm just a little stuck! If I haven't given enough details just ask :) thank you so much.

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Your dose of T3 @ 6.25mcg is so small to make much difference and if it's every second day your dose (6.25) is equivalent to approx 20mcg of of levo every two days (10mcg levo daily).? Or are you including it into levo?


Thanks for your reply, I'm not taking any levo. So you mean I'm not taking enough? Should I slowly increase it? Add some t4?


Yes, your dose is far too low.

I take T3 only and it isn't as 'adverse' as some Endocrinologists suggests.

Have you been diagnosed as being hypothyroid? Do you have a print-out of your latest blood test results, with the ranges, so that members can comment.

"I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions"



This is my latest blood test results ^^

They still don't believe I'm hypothyroid despite my swollen skin, tiredness, reynauds and low temperature...

Perhaps I will slowly add a bit more. Thanks very much for your input.


O.K. so you have clinical symptoms but remain undiagnosed. You've opted for T3 instead of T4 (levothyroxine).

Bearing in mind my statement above that I'm not medically qualified.

Before the blood tests and levothyroxine were introduced the following system was used to diagnose and or increase dose of NDT.

I would suggest you make a chart of your temps/pulse beginning before you get out of bed with this test every morning. You need a thermometer that doesn't beep.


Also include your pulse rate too.

Then around the same time every day take your temp/pulse normally about twice a day. These can also help with dosing. i.e. if pulse or temp increases above normal.

Take 1/2 tablet of T3 with a glass of water when you get up and wait about an hour before eating.

I would take this for a week then increase by 1/4 tablet wait another week and increase again. This would take you to One 25mcg of T3 equal to around 75-100mcg of levo. See how you feel and pulse/temp is steady and you can increase by 1/4 about every 2 weeks. Don't get carried away and take too much. Gradual is better.

Some don't need a very high dose of T3 as it is the Active hormone that doesn't need converted from T4. Some need higher doses to feel well but it's different in every case.



Thank you very much, that's really helpful, I will do that. It's so lucky there are so many wonderful people on this forum, we'd be lost otherwise!


You didn't put the latest results of your thyroid hormones blood test.


No, they wouldn't do that one. They don't think I need it because last time it was "in range", and they've never let me have a ft4, ft3 etc test at all. They only think the TSH matters...last time that was 1.63 I believe. That's not too bad I guess but I still have all the symptoms so maybe I'd be better if it was even lower. Thanks for your time.


Most of us feel best with a TSH of around 1 or lower and a few need a suppressed TSH.


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