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Can dose increases be sped up?

Do I really need to wait a month between each dose increase of thyroxine?

Is helped a bit but I'm now getting lots of adrenaline rushes/numb limbs face/anxiety I think.

People keep saying 75mcg is a low dose, but GP wanted to start at 50 and then went up to this. I can't wait another month and go through all of this anymore. It's been 4 years since all this started, I can't cope!

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It is said that yes,we do have to wait! In fact 6 weeks or slightly more is usually considered the best sort of time frame for any increases it takes this time to get in and saturate the cells etc. Going to fast can so easily push you into hyperthyroid and that's a pretty rotton place to be. It's frustrating but it's really best to have patience!


Yes, hyperthyroid is not a place I want to be. And the symptoms I hated most about that (adrenaline surges) are creeping back in.



It takes up to six weeks to feel the full impact of a dose increase and it is usual to wait 6 weeks after a dose increase before retesting. Thyroid hormone replacement has to be intrduced gradually or it can precipitate an adrenal crisis. Increasing dose more frequently may lead to over medication which can be more unpleasant than being under medicated. See the dry sponge analogy in the link below.


That's a great article, thanks. Really helped me understand it more and that just because I have symptoms creeping back in that I experienced with hyperthyroid, doesn't mean that I am now hyper.


Yes, from experience I'd say definitely better to take it slowly, my last GP put me on too high a dose and that just added on more symptoms.

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