which test is more important?Thyroid Peroxidase or Thyroglobulin?

Ok so after alot of calls and begging, i finally found someone who would do the Thyroid Peroxidase and Thyroglobulin tests but they are a bit costly and i only have money to do one. So i would like to know which test is more important i know i have to do both but at the time i only have money to do one.

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  • They are simply two different kinds of antibodies. Either one would mean you have Hashimotos.

  • Hi,

    If it's any help, I've beeen told the NHS usually screen for TPO because 95% of those with Hasimotos will have that one, it is still possible to have the other antibodies, just you are more likely to find it with TPO.

    I hope it helps

  • I'd go with thyroid peroxidase.

    How much are they? Bluehorizonmedicals do testing, their thyroid plus six profile includes both. It's £69 so not cheap but maybe not too much more than you're having to pay.

  • Blue Horizon & Medi checks both have quite good prices for tests that include both anitbodies and you can either do a pin prick or pay £30 extra to go to one of their partner hospitals and have a nurse take the blood - I'm one of those that had quite low TPO but very high Tgb so would say do both if you can.

  • I have heard that TPO is more often elevated than TGB. If you check around, I suspect you could find a better deal on both, rather than using a doctor's office (if that is what you are doing).

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