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Blue horizon test - help!

So I just carried out my BH thyroid 10 test and blood was flowing just fine, I'm just a bit concerned that I haven't collected enough blood, and it looked rather stiff before I posted it. 

Also being the forgetful frog that I am I didn't put it back in the clear bio bag before putting it into the postal bag, I hope they aren't really strict on this. So annoying I planned it all so nicely and still screwed it up! 

Any info would be helpful, will they send a new tube if it isn't of any use :/ 


Victoria x

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Hi Victoria - yes, the guys at BH are extremely helpful.  As long as you filled the container to the line, there will be enough blood for them to use.  If you are concerned, you can always give them a ring - anyone who I've spoken to on the phone has been lovely :)


Hi hunny59,

Thanks for your message! I emailed them this morning and they replied so quickly and were really reassuring so that's a weight off my mind. 

That's the thing I didn't see a fill line it just said half full! Pretty sure I didn't fill it that much eek! Process wasn't really stressful, I just wanted to get it right first time arghhhhh :( haha  

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The first test I got I could only get a couple of drops out of each stab and had to call them to ask their advice.  Fortunately, they sent me a vacutainer and I arranged with my GP surgery to do the blood draw.  Would never have thought I wouldn't bleed enough!


I got about 7 drops out, but I was scared the blood was going to clot so I kinda just stopped. Silly me.

Oooh see I don't know if the Drs I go to would let me do that because it's a private test? Did you have to pay? 


Yes - my surgery charges £15 for a blood draw, but I didn't really have any option.  Funny how I bled like a stuck pig a week later when I accidentally stabbed myself with a shard of glass though ;)


That's not too bad at all. Hah typical! 

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