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Hi don't remember if I posted or no ,🙄 But would like to share gluton free diet.

Didn't have hashi diagnosed, had TT for cancer.

However, as an experiment I tried gluton free and lost a uncomfortable feeling I used to get after eating 🙂🙂 every day, had in the past positive ANA blood test but got nowhere with it.

Just one week on I shall certainly be carrying on with it.

Just missed my toast in the morning but otherwise , no problem.

Thought maybe , thyroid problems and intolerances ? Sort of go hand in hand.

I would think trying this for lots could help them feel better, hopefully


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You don't have to miss your toast!

Have you tried any of the gluten free breads? I tried the Tesco multiseeded brown but found it much too sweet.

The Genius brand isn't bad even though it's pricey (about £2.80). I like their triple-seeded sandwich loaf which is just fine and toasts a treat. :)

Good for you! I'm nearly 3 months into gluten-free and I feel a different person. Not nearly so bloated and lethargic for starters and I swear my mood is lighter too. I've also stopped drinking cow's milk in the past week and a half and the bloating is gone! Changed to almond milk for my g-f oats for breakfast. I don't use milk in tea as I drink a variety of herbal teas that don't need milk or sweetening. Drop-kicked the Splenda through the goalposts of life too as I'm not drinking coffee at the moment. If I have a cup I just sweeten with honey.

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Thank for that. Will try the brand you suggest.

Gosh, dairy as well, seems a tough call at present. But I know that as you feel better it's easier to contemplate.

It's good to feel so much better isn't it 🙂🙂

Good luck Xx


Yes, I quite liked the Genius brand as well. The rolls are nice as well as the bread. And you can make your own gf pancakes (I liked using buckwheat, gram and sorghum flours) which can be eaten w sweet or savoury toppings/fillings.

Good luck!

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