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Anyone suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome?

I haven't been to the Dr yet but my wrist and arm is aching along with tingling in my thumb and 2 fingers.

Im having bloods done tomorrow so I should have new levels to post very soon.

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Carpel tunnel sydrome is a common hypothyroid symptom. It will usually resolve once you are optimally medicated.


Try wrist splints. You wear them at night and I can vouch that the tingling goes away.


If surgery is advised then do it sooner rather than later, I left mine until I had permanent tingling and numbness, the surgeon said I should have been offered an op before it got to that stage as it's more difficult the longer it's been going on. Easy operation and total cure ☺


As bantam says, carpal tunnel is very easy to solve by a simple op. You need to get a referral to a hospital where tests can be done to establish how bad it actually is, which should mean you will be booked in for op. Simple day treatment so no overnight stay but you won't be able to drive home of course. Only one wrist done at a time for obvious reasons. Has given me a near perfect solution, just a slight tingling if pressure applied to wrist.

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Research cubital tunnel syndrome and release. Similar symptoms. I had this op 2 yrs ago.


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