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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


I have read quite a few posts since last night when I first thought that my pins and needles on my left arm and the terrible shoulder pain I have been suffering this week could be a symptom of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I am quite upset as I am not ready to have another operation (had a TT last year) or go to ER today to have it checked. I ll try to see my GP whenever there is an appointment, but unfortunately, I dont have high hopes of what he can do and how fast he can act on it. Any advice, experience would be much appreciated.

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Hi I've had both my carpel done thay will try steroids injections first try not to stress hope all goes well for u at gp xc

I had carpal tunnel surgery 18 months ago, it's an easy quick op, takes about 10 mins, it's done under local anaesthetic in the day surgery unit. Nothing to worry about.

mii101 in reply to bantam12

Thank you bantam12 and Jayney7 i wonder why is a common surgery for us hypos or if it has to do with deterioration of muscles because of radio iodine, do you know of why it is connected?

Hi - carpal tunnel typr symptoms are a well known side-effect of hypothyroid and being under-medicated. However, your symptoms don't sound typical of carpal tunnel, more like some form of trapped nerve or inflamed/injured tendon in the rotator cuff which is also common in hypo. So before you get worried about potential surgery, I think you really should go to your GP. Also I see from previous posts you are still somewhat under-medicated and that won't be helping this or anything else - are you managing to address that?

Good luck

Gillian xx

Thank you for your response startagaingirl i have just booked to see an osteopath hoping that it is not carpal tunnel and it is a trapped nerve, i am very pleased you thought of the same. I am taking 12.5 T3 now and 128 T4 so i should not be undermedicated, waiting for the next blood tests but i hope this is not also a symptom of overmedication! thanks again, Mary

thank you ReallyFedUp i feel exactly like your excellent choice of username!


Rotator cuff tears are excruciating. A simple GP test where they ask you to elevate your arm confirms diagnosis. The pins and needles sound like ulna nerve compression. This can stem from the shoulder as well as the elbow. I have had both and send my best wishes to you.

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Thank you so much Hidden I went to see an osteopath yesterday who also seemed to think that it is a nerve compression. The pain is excruciating but I am relieved that I don't need surgery at the moment. Can i ask what did you take for the pain? Thanks again

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Hi! mii101. I have many allergies and tried Tramadol which didn't agree with me. In the end I had paracetamol and ibuprofen combined and restricted movement. It took a long time for the rotator cuff to repair but I have had no lasting ill effects. Unfortunately, for the ulna nerve I needed surgery. I did leave seeking treatment very late but the cause of the compression in my case was an unusual knot of scar tissue. The operation is called a cubital tunnel release which involves redirecting the nerve. I have healed well with minor tingling in my little finger occasionally. Fingers crossed for you avoiding surgery.

Try wrist splints before you go any further.

I had been diagnosed on and off for 12 years with carpal tunnel ,then found out when I was diagnosed with interactive thyroid bet you calcium checked as I had low calcium symptoms are the same tingling and numbness,if you are over 30 take calcium and magnesium as this slowed your body absorb

I found that a simple test for CTS is to hold your hands above your head, ie as if painting the ceiling. If you can't hold them there for more than 10-15 seconds, you probably have CTS.

A referral to a hospital which does electro tests on nerves in arms/hands will settle any doubt. It's a simple op under local anaesthetic, but (for obvious reasons!) only one wrist done at a time.

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Thanks Panda321 it seems that i can paint the ceiling albeit with pain. Cubital tunnel syndrome seems very likely too, hoping that the GP will know or reference me tomorrow. I have been reading that cubital tunnel syndrome is also found in hypothyroid patients. So i am not paranoid to think that all my health issues are hypo-related!

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