Carpal tunnel syndrome

Am I right in thinking many of us thyroid sufferers also suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome amongst other things. Interestingly I was diagnosed with CS 3 years ago in both hands and had both operated on within 2 months. However I went back to surgeon some weeks later as pre op symptoms still there.He sent me for retesting for nerve conduction and the doctor said he felt it could be caused by something perhaps in my neck so sent me for an MRI. It was discovered through the MRI that I had actually broken my neck...and not only that but I also had a brain tumour...which subsequently became life threatening !. I am recovering from that episode now.

My point is that I now think the carpal tunnel syndrome was misdiagnosed bearing in mind my thyroid was removed some 9 years ago and need not have been done. Just another of the range of symptoms we all have

On a positive note I am grateful because through all of that I was saved from dying of the brain tumour, so bittersweet eh !! ( Incidently I had everything done privately so cannot blame the NHS ! )

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  • Maddi, I'm amazed that you could have broken your neck and not known it! Do you remember having an accident or something that could have broken it? I find that rather frightening! lol Still, glad it all turned out alright.

    Hope you're soon fully recovered, Grey

  • I had an accident several years before and had my back bolted together!...missed the neck though ! Thank you Grey

  • What a shock, finding out your neck was broken and also having a tumour. I am glad both were resolved.

    This is a link re carpal tunnel.

  • Interesting Shaws..thank you for that.

  • Maddi, I'm so glad your experience finished on a positive note - you must have been in agony all those years! I've had the carpal tunnel op on both wrists too. The surgeon told me that when he opened up my left wrist it was particularly compressed and although the right one wasn't so bad it still needed doing. I still get a little bit of numbness in the tips of my left fingers sometimes but, apparently, that's because the left wrist was so bad and I should have had the op much sooner than I did.

  • I'm so sorry you have had to go through all this. A friend who did a lot of research on Carpel Tunel found that in America it is considered negligent if a doctor operates whithout first doing an MRI as often the problem is in the neck, as you have found. Some months on, she is still trying to persuade her consultant to send her for one.

  • Thats interesting,doghouse. I must say I was very angry having suffered the discomfort and life disruption of 2 carpel tunnel ops only to find problems still there if not worse when as you say the neck problem could have been discovered before and dealt with

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