Is it carpel tunnel ???

I am suffering every night now with dead arm and hands ! It wakes me up sometimes, I've even had it happening in my dreams!!hand aches in mornings for about half hour , I even started to get tingling tips of fingers straight away when I'm using hair dryer or tongs! And when I hold phone to long aswell. I don't really get it in day time , but it's def getting much worse at night, I'm on 100 mic Levo. 2 months now up from 75 since 3 years , feeling ok.

Any thoughts ? Thanks

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  • I would say B12 deficiency.

  • I'd just like to clarify my response a bit. You are describing exactly a symptom I had from B12 deficiency. I am not hypo so in my case it can't be attributed to being hypo. It has gone with the correct amount of B12 treatment. It comes back if I go too long between injections. There are many many people on PA forums who have been incorrectly diagnosed with CTS instead of B12d, and have ended up having unnecessary surgery. So it's worth checking out at the very least. Have a think about your feet as well. Do you trip up a lot? Trip over thin air? Trip up or down steps?

  • Hi it does sound like carpal tunnel. I have this in both arms and hands but am I un-medicated at that moment (long story). Wearing splints at night really does help me. My GP measured my wrists and ordered the splints from the local hospital orthotic dept. You can also order them very in expensively from amazon or eBay.

    Good luck!

  • I agree with hampster1 about the B12 deficiency which is also common with Hypothyroidism. Maybe your treatment is not yet optimal and that does include B12 VitD etc.....

    If you google Carpal Tunnel and Thyroid you will find lots of interesting reading....I have read it is more prevalent with Thyroid issues. Type it into the Search Box on the green bar at the top of this page.... and see what pops up :-)

  • sounds like carpal tunnel to me which is usually result of hypothyroid either not treated or undertreated

  • I often get sharp pains in area below my thumb down to wrist. I am trying to boost my B12 levels with jarrows formula, so hope that the pains will stop once I reach optimum levels. I have been hypo 7 years and this problem started up about 2 years ago along with 2 Motron's neuromas in my left foot, now controlled with sensible shoes and orthotics. Hope B12 helps you

  • I got this when on high dose of carbrimazole, gp said it was carpal tunnel syndrome and advised splints,.......glad I cut dose, symptoms vanished...I would get thorough test and check out results!

  • Carpal Tunnel is a clinical symptom. You may need an increase in medication.

  • I had carpal tunnel years ago (had the operations - no problem now). It always gets worst at about 3am when whatever hormone controls these things is at its lowest. I used to sleep with my arm hanging over the edge of the bed. I never had pain though, which I understand is very fortunate. I found my hand would go dead when driving or playing the piano. Don't leave it too long - if you do you can end up with permanent nerve damage. Carpal tunnel syndrome is more common in various groups of people, including those who use vibrating machinery eg driving a motorbike (like me).

  • I he carpel tunnel syndrome look it up it sounds like your symptoms.

  • Thankyou. All for advice. I will get a blood test done then , for B 12.

    I do t really think anything strange I about my feet , but I am a bit

    Accident prone , I have tripped up in street and I went over on my ankle 5 weeks ago and it seems to be taking ages to heal, eg} it aches and is tender , ligaments hurt, Will go docs next week when I can get appt.


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