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Carpel Tunnel and Thyroid

Has anyone developed carpel tunnel -I was told by my doc that the numbness and pins/needles were not poor circulation/excess knitting but the beginnings of carpel tunnel which is directly due to this damn thyroid problem.

I had felt reasonably ok for a while- hypo-on 50mg Levo and a host of supplements-thank goodness Lidl are stocking many of them!!

Anyway let me know if you have any tips/anecdotes etc. Was told an injection can be done for early stages then an op if this doesn't work.

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..there is quite a bit on the net about CTS and thyroid - and explanations. Maybe trying to reduce the inflammation is key so ice-packs may help. Also how are your B12 levels ? They should be near the top of the range and not JUST in range - which seems to satisfy too many docs who are not aware of the seriousness of B12 Deficiency.

I recently doubled my B12 when I had hand problems - which seemed to resolve them.

Hope it soon goes away.......



I had CT prior to being diagnosed, tennis elbow etc etc. it greatly improved once I started on the right dose of levo. However it did come back with all the other aches and pains in Feb this year. This time it was due to low vit D, B12 and ferritin but has gone again on the whole since getting my levels up.

Are your thyroid levels and vit levels good?

I would check before going for the op option.



Thanks Tracey-going for blood test next week-in previous tests ferritin was low also Vit D but didn't result in CT however thill persevere and see what happens-thanks again for taking time to answer, Moira


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is also a clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism. This is a link:-

I have looked at your profile but you haven't given any history. How long have you been on 50mcg of levo as it is usually a starting dose and with regular blood tests increased until you feel well. Always keep copies of your thyroid gland blood tests with the ranges so that you can post them on a new question if you have a query.

Dr Toft of the BTA recommends a TSH below 1 but many GP's think it is o.k. if we're in the 'normal range' but that's not correct.

The doctor who tested my wrist told me it would go when properly medicated and it has.


celticlady, As Shaws says, Dr Toft says that many hypothyroid patients will not feel well until the TSH is low or even undetectable.

He does say, however, that the free T3 should be unequivocally normal. Which can be a bit of a problem, since most GPs don't test free T3. Or they request it and the LAB refuses to do it. Which is why so many people start to feel well, only to have their GP reduce their thyoxine because the TSH is suppressed, without any reference to the wellbeing of the patient or the actual T3 level.

It is always a good idea when you have hypothyroidism that you should get your blood results and keep them. I keep mine in a file and make a note of the exact dosage I was on when the blood was taken. This can help tremendously to get your dosage right for you. Keeping track of the severity and variation of the most important symptoms and signs can be useful too.

Marie XX


I've been on Levothyroxine for 15 years and have never felt any better for taking it. I have tried so many times to tell my many doctors but I just get " the blood results show that you are all right". Last year I started to develop pain / pins and needles in my thumbs, wrists and elbows. I felt as though I was wearing tight metal wrist bangles. I also started to develop a couple of hot swollen finger joints ( I suspected rheumatoid arthritis). I couldn't open doors or shake hands. My doctors diagnosed carpal tunnel, but gave me the impression it was just one of those things and I would just have to live with it.

I retired as I wasn't well enough to cope with my demanding job and started to research for myself (this site has helped a lot) - I found that there was a connection between all these auto immune conditions and leaky gut, often caused by gluten intolerance. I used a blood test kit it was negative, but never the less still decided to do a 30 day grain free trial ( which I found quite difficult ). The result was amazing , no pain, no pins and needles, no red hot joints. I am concentrating now on trying to heal my gut which is where I believe all my auto immune problems started and is where they may end.

I know we are all not the same but this may help you. Chris x


I know this probably isn't any help to you but I got Carpel Tunnel while I was pregnant. I kept being told it would stop as soon as I gave birth but it didn't it just got worse and worse until I couldn't pick up anything with my right hand. I went to my Dr and he said I had hypothyroidism just based on the carpal tunnel and he noticed I had a goitre.

Luckily, the Carpal Tunnel disappeared a couple of months after starting on Levothyroxine.

However, I know when my medication needs adjusted because I start to get the pains in my wrist again. It is always an indicator for me.

Sorry I couldn't be more help. x


I believe Hypothyroidism to be the initial cause of my carpal tunnel syndrome, although once started, it hasn't gone away with getting thyroid sorted, although on average not nearly as bad as it was.

Vitamin B6 seemed to help, (look into dosages as you can take too much) but as always with such things, that could be placebo. Usual hypothyroid-helping supplements probably wise though...Selenium; Vit D3 (best taken with Vitamin K2, [NOT vit K] for protecting calcium in bones); Vit B12; Folate (better form, not folic acid) (& Iron too, but only if you know you need it), for example.

As a regular Lidl customer I haven't seen any vitamins or supplements there that are of much use for anything, just typical supermarket low-dose/random multivitamin types & not necessarily what individual people specifically need, I can't say I am a fan of those types of supplements.


I had carpal tunnel for many years and resisted having surgery. But last year I went ahead and,for me, the results have been fantastic. That was my right hand and I can have my left done when I am ready. I am hypothyroid but my carpal pre-dated it. All I am saying is don't automatically rule out surgery, it may not be for everyone but for me it was great.


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