Thyroidectomy 1 year on

Hi I thought today I would give you my update as it is now a year today since my thyroidectomy.

I had a couple of bad years prior my op, severe hashimotos goitre and went through radio active iodine treatment.

My hashimotis was so severe that in the end I couldn't function at all, my body was giving up, terrible pains, there were days ( often ) that I would cry just trying to get out of bed, I felt like my body was giving up and so was I, all the treatment I had didn't work and my blood tests were off the scale.

I was offered the operation because it got so bad and it wasn't an easy decision to make but my thought process was ... stay the same, get worse or actually I could get better!

I needed my life back so I went for it well what a difference a year makes, I am totally back to normal, I actually felt different straight after the op, the surgeon said it was a mess in there and everything was stuck together and to everything around it ! My life has changed around, I feel healthy I feel alive and it was the best decision I've ever made, you can't even see my scar now as well.

The reason I wanted to update you is because at the time I was desperate to find someone who had gone through what I had and if I can help one person by writing this then that's great.

If anyone wants anymore info then please message me xx

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  • Thanks for posting such a positive post and I'm sure it will help many who are contemplating what to do for the best.

  • Completely agree, shaws.

    People who come back and post their experiences are very much appreciated.

  • so glad u feel well and gives hope to may x

  • I do like success stories and happy endings.

    I'm pleased to read that everything went well for you and you've got your life back. :)

  • Thats great to hear!

    What medication are you on now?

  • I am just on Thyroxine, my levels are checked now every 6 months, I also take Vit D everyday and B12 injections every 12 weeks. My consultant said I should stay on Vit D and B12 because my body can't hold them.

    My last TSH level came back 0.30 which is perfect for me ( my consultant recommends my TSH sits just below 1 ) so that's great news x

  • Thats interesting you are not on T3 as well as T4.

    What is your dosage of Thyroxine?

  • I'm on 125mg at the moment, it'll be checked again in April, all the while I am ok on thyroxine and feeling great then I do not need to go on both, we spoke about it a lot , she said if I didn't feel well or my bloods indicated there was an issue then I would. At the moment I feel great, and they are extremely happy with all of my blood results, so it's all good at the moment x

  • Can I ask what brand it is that you take? Sorry for all the questions!

  • Of course I'm on Levothyroxine do you suffer with your thyroid ? X

  • What is the pharma company? Mercury Pharma, Actavis etc?

    Yes I do, still up and down 6 years later. The biggest problem for me is all the different T4 medications effect me differently and have different side effects. I'm doing it all myself after giving up with NHS.

  • It's Mercury.I don't blame you, I went privately in the end because I didn't get any where with my GP, as soon as I went private my whole world changed,all my bloods done, scans etc and now I'm so thankful I did it. I wish you all the best and hope you get the right meds xx

  • I had a hemithyroidectomy 2015 the half left is the bit that doesn't work.

    Couldn't agree more it was life changing for me too. 2015 was a tough year but now i actually feel alive again.

    So glad things have worked out for you!

  • That's great :-)

    Im hoping that this will help people reading our success stories as I was desperate to read people's stories when I was going through it. X

  • As you are doing well on levo alone, I am jealous of your luck as many in your situation fail to achieve that position. As our endo has stated, however, you need to be aware that this situation could fail after a while. If that were to unfortunately happen you need to consider what your options are as it is most unwise to continue thereafter with unchanged medication.

  • Hi yes I am fully aware about my options if my medication were to fail, I am in a very fortunate position as I have a great consultant who monitors me closely 😊 X

  • That's a great story, thanks for letting us know you're feeling so well. This is enough to restore my faith in endos!

    Can I just ask, any idea why the decision was taken to remove your thyroid if you have Hashi's? I've not heard of this before, only for Graves'. Wondering if it is an option for those of us w Hashi's whose thyroids cause continual problems.

    Also wondering if you've told TUK about your excellent endo so they can add them to the list.

  • Hi yes it was because of the severe hashimotos, it is rare but my consultant said in extreme cases they can remove it, my syptoms were extremely severe, I also have a friend who has been offered the operation for the same condition on the NHS ( mine was private ) so I know this can be an option .

    Thank you I will let TUK know as I haven't done so xx

  • As they say, you learn something new every day. I am reaching the end of my tether w it. Can't leave the house, struggling now to get out of bed.

  • I feel for you 😔 That's how I was, I actually felt like I couldn't go on, you need to fight with the doctors to get anywhere now adays, I can honestly say I feel normal again, I feel like me and I would say it's the best thing I have ever done. I wish you all the luck and don't be afraid to tell them how you feel and what you want, my friend did and she's finally getting somewhere xx

  • Yes, thanks. I am not going to fight w anyone anymore as I'd rather spend that energy finding someone who will listen. :-)

    Also unbelievable that they are acknowledging that you can't hold the d and b12. I came to that conclusion myself (and the private US doc I used to see said she thought something was wrong w the way I absorb/retain nutrients) so am doing b12 injections and high doses of d, but not sure if my gp would have anything to say about it.

  • Thankfully you found that out yourself it does make a big difference on your energy levels amongst other things x

  • Hi I am having a thyroidectomy next month, thanks for your encouraging post x

  • Ah good luck, I wish you well, let me know how you get on x

  • Got ENT appointment this morning

    Iv had relapsing Graves but then go hypo . Got Hashimoto and graves antibodies. Currently TSH 11 and feel awful, but taking 10 mg Carbimazol.

    Iv been really nervous and developed a hospital phobia since the very traumatic death of my daughter in September. I mean a really fear.So your post has reassured me x

  • Oh 😔 I'm so sorry to hear this, how did your appointment go ? I'm really hoping it went well x

  • Thanks so much for asking xx I had the whole pre op and should get a date within 3 months. Every one was lovely and it wasn't as awful as I feared. They wanted an up to date echo because I have Aortic Regurgitation. Went for that yesterday, woman doing it was horrible. I had to ask her to stop talking because she was upsetting me so much.

  • Oh blimey, that's awful, why are people so horrible sometimes, they wouldn't like it!

    I hope you hear soon and I'm glad it wasnt as bad as you thought :-)

    Good luck with everything, if you need any advice I'm here xx

  • Thank you x

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