confused thyriod

last week tests where

T4 11.0 pmol/L (7.0-16.0)

THS 27.5 mU/L (0.3-5.0) H

this weeks where

T4 10.0 pml/L (7.0-16.0)

THS 19.1mU/L (0.3-5.0) H

iv no energy. flutters in neck/throat.

tight lump feeling in throat. anxity etc.. dr said she sending me to specialest but that can take months.

she says my thyriod is hypo but iv symptems of hyper.

help does anyone have a clue. only thing i take is st johns wort

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  • why has your doctor not started you on medication.p? and you need to read up on st johns wort and hypothyrodism. Have you had all the bloods done for example, iron, ferratin, vit d, b12 etc?

    Someine will be along with more advice who knows best how to guide you through this mine filed :-)

  • You can't take St John's wart with a thyroid problem. It will make you ill xx

  • i had no idea. i felt my anxity going threw roof so hadto try something.

  • A mixture of symptoms points to Hashimoto's. Don't take St John's Wort. I'd ask the same question, why no meds? If the Dr isn't going to treat you, maybe go to a Health Food shop and get some thyroid support in the mean time?

  • But Don't get one that contains iodine!!!

  • Presumably you thought you had mild depression / seasonal affected disorder which is why you were taking the St John's Wort - I can relate!

    Looking at your blood tests S.J.W is not the answer and it will be masking the true symptoms of a thyroid which appears to be going through the motions of becoming under-active (primary hypothyroidism) as your TSH is very high. Look up 'primary hypothyroidism'.

    Ideally you would be starting a low dose of treatment of thyroxine (25mg) for a month. As your T4 is 'within range' your GP is not being pro-active. I'd go back if I were you.

  • Why are you confused? Your are overtly hypo. A lot of hypo and hyper symptoms cross over - anxiety, high blood pressure, etc. No energy can be a symptom of both.

    Like the others, I Don't understand why your doctor isn't treating you. Two high TSH results can't be argued with. And she says you are hypo, so why is she leaving you like that? If I were you, I would go back and politely insist that she starts you on 50 mcg Levo whilst waiting for your endo appointment - or gives you a comprehensive explanation why not.

    It would also be a good idea to ask for antibodies to be tested - TPOab and TgAB - plus

    vit D

    vit B12



    At least one of these is bound to be low - possibly all of them - and that is going to make you feel bad in itself.

  • I absolutely agree in getting all the tests done. Sorry, I meant mcg rather than mg for the Levo.

    'I would go back and politely insist that she starts you on 50 mcg Levo whilst waiting for your endo appointment - or gives you a comprehensive explanation why not.'

    I'd be very interested in hearing any reason / excuse why they're being so laid back about something that needs their immediate attention! The throat lump is probably due to a goiter as the thyroid is swelling and desperately trying to absorb as many minerals to make thyroid hormones and not very successfully by all accounts. The pituitary gland meantime has quite rightly detected this insufficiency and is going crazy right now making an excess of TSH.

    Getting the thyroid sorted out with thyroid hormone replacement, diet and vitamins / minerals will treat the cause and hopefully an improvement in symptoms should follow.

  • Depression is also a symptom of hypothyroidism

  • Why are you saying you cant take St johns Wort with thyroid ????????????

  • possible side effects' taking st johns' wort are






    st johns' wort is a enzyme inducer stop taking it you need thyroxine,

    go back to your gp tell her you want a trial of t4 while you wait to see endo,

    i have underactive thyroid i was taking saint johns' wort before being ,

    diagnosed it made me ill.

  • Click St.Johns Wort below your post to see many other posts on the herb.Recently there was a warning about some batches being toxic.

  • thanks for your replies. my other tests where normal. liverkidney sugar diabeties iron b12 (i have b 12 injections every 3 months) but every test was normal. but my thyriod witch i posted in my post.

  • 'Normal' is not 'optimal'. Optimal is around 1000, regardless of what the ranges say. Is yours around 1000?

  • since I would only ever suggest it in homeopathic form or a properly sourced tincture bad batch sure wont apply

    I am always very leary of stuff pushed out by likes of Holland and Barret

    as for Anti depressants and all the pharmecutical junk handed out like sweets I refuse to touch it and advise others to be equally leary

  • "Anti depressants and all the pharmecutical junk handed out like sweets"

    Those life saving medicines that some people need in order to be able to function normally, you mean?

    I'm far more leery of homeopathists and those that endorse their proven-to-not-work money-grabbing than I am of medicines that have been proven to work and been tested rigourously and that all evidence points to being a solution for people that have often taken great courage to reach out to ask for the help they need.

    Just saying.

  • I have witnessed at first hand the devastating effects of every Anti depressant and even anti epileptics drugs and painkillers doled out like sweeties to a relative suffering neuropathic pain

    Not only were the side effects horrendous ,personality change and resulting worsening of the original condition bad enough they made not one ounce of difference

    To claim that Big Pharma thoroughly tests all medications is really becoming a big joke now ......levo thyroxine is the subject of numerous yellow card reports they ignore

    I will never ever suggest all Homeopaths or Herbalists are good ......theres only a very precious few who are properly trained and dedicated and who are far better than the vast majority of doctors and I will always be intensely grateful to the one who quite literally saved my life and restored my health when countless doctors and consultants had thrown me in the bin

  • I've never met anyone that's tried all 23 different types of anti depressant, so if you have, then I unwaveringly bow down to your first hand experience.

    However, it's possible that if none of the 23 types worked for you, that depression was not actually the primary condition and was, rather, a side effect or complication of your primary condition. Thyroid disease is well known to have depression as a symptom, for example, as with most chronic health issues and autoimmune diseases.

    I'm afraid I must disagree on your final point though - NO homeopath is good. Herbalists are an entirely different thing, and I'll happily agree that some of them can be brilliant. While it has been repeatedly proven that homeopathy's positive effects have been at best at the level of a placebo effect, I simply can not agree that anyone selling homeopathic products is out to help anyone other than themselves, by lining their pockets with the funds of desperate people who are often trying their hand at whatever the latest fad presented to them is, out of sheer desperation to improve their health.

    I'm happy for you that you found something that worked for you, of course, but is it possible you're meaning herbalist products rather than homeopathy? SJW is an herbalist product, for example. It is both proven to be effective for purpose, and contraindicated for use with many medicines. Advice on all SJW products should advise to seek advice from a doctor before taking it, for this very reason.

  • Oh how little you know and just how much supposition you spout

    I am not and never have been depressed nor have I taken anti depressants .....its a relative who was given them in a stupid attempt to treat a neuroma along with also trying anti epileptics her bodys reaction to every single one was utterly horrendous to all who witnessed it

    Since you have zero idea just how seriously ill I was 30 yrs ago and just how easily a Homeopath diagnosed (what umpteen doctors were incapable of because none today are trained in the art of clinical diagnosis )never mind treated me and restored me to health you will never know just how well Homeopathic meds when correctly selected work

    Animals are not stupid enough to believe in placebo effect and theres Homeopathic vets who are brilliant too and plenty of animals who have been treated to prove efficacy

    You believe what you want to believe but theres plenty of evidence of the utter corruption and deceit in Big Pharma

  • You're the one that said you had "witnessed at first hand" - if you're talking about someone else, that's second hand. It's only ever first hand if it's about yourself.

    As for the rest of your post, I'm done trying to talk reason. I am not responsible for educating you. If you wish to live in ignorance of proven scientific facts, have fun with that.

    I can only hope that if ever you do indeed need actual medicine, you will remember this conversation.

  • everytime i went to my dr saying i had flutters tight throat air hunger tired etc...they kept saying here have these antidepressnts because you have anxity and panic attacks! this went on for months . i refused to take the meds as i didnt belive i needed antidepressant meds. it got to a stage my throat was so tight . my air hunger was so bad and flutters in my neck where over the roof i asked my thyriod to be checked the dr said "fine ill let you have a blood test only to help your anxity" but when the tests came back it was what i posted above. then i was asked to do another test monday and that was the 2nd test i posted above. she told me to carry on with the st johns wort and wait for my specialest apoinment witch can take months to get. i told her getting threw a day is a challange for me as my body starts crashing in the afternoon or if im busy. dr said my other tests where all normal.

  • Hi Star1975, If you haven't already I would begin reading Paul Roninsons recovering with T3 and STTM, it will reduce you recovery time possibly by years, also with mainstream medicine you may never recover.

    Maybe get T3 and RT3 checked although T3 can be in range and you won't feel better until its elevated. First treatment is normally T4 (thyroxine) then NDT/T4 and T3 then T3 only if they don't work.

    Good luck

    Regards Angus1

  • I was told many years ago never to take St John's Wort if have a thyroid problem. Shortly after I was looking around Holland and Barrett and I was collared by an assistant trying to say how efficient they were etc and plugging their state of the heart guidelines as to which medicines to take when. So I asked if SJW could betaken with thyroid medicines and was told ire perfectly safe. So don't assume every thing you hear is correct. Keep looking and check things are faultless

  • I've never taken St John's Wort myself and I've never researched it, so I have no opinion on whether it is safe or otherwise with thyroid treatment.

    I wrote about a non-prescription supplement called 5-HTP yesterday, and thought it might interest you as an alternative :

  • im going back to dr soon but a different dr. and ill see what they say.

  • iv been to see another dr. she told me stop the st johns wort and to start

    levothyroxine. does anyone have feed back on that medication. i have to have blood tests every 3 weeks aswell

  • Really good that you are no longer taking saint johns' wort, everbody is different thyroxine [t4] did not work for me others do really well on it its,' trial and error your doctor will start you off on a low dose, give it time to, work but if you still feel hypo dont be afraid to go back and get your doctor, to increase dose.

  • I've been taking 25mcg levo since september. I've been started on a low dose because I also have a heart condition, and starting too high with a heart condition can be extremely dangerous. If/when I increase my dose it will have to be an upward taper done over time.

    Even with the low dose, my blood test numbers have been slowly but surely improving, and while I don't *feel* any benefit yet, that could also be because I have a lot of other health conditions, ( EDS, AS, POTS, OSAHS) many of which are currently still being investigated. I remain hopeful that with time and eventually, effective treatment for my other conditions, that I will feel an improvement in overall wellbeing.

    Don't be afraid to take the meds. With any luck, and assuming your health is otherwise good, you'll start to feel better once your blood test results come min line with *your* normal.

  • Hi star , I agree with the others your GP should have given you a trial of thyroxine . The fluttering and the feeling of a lump in your throat and neck sounds like could be auto immune thyroiditis ( hashimotos) why don't you push for a thyroid ultrasound the result might give your doctor a kick up the bum he/ she needs.

  • iv just taken my 1st pill of levothyroxine 50mcg. i hope this works also i hope it helps with the weight. im so over this.

  • she is sending me to a specialest aswell

  • I'm glad you saw another GP and she has started you on levo. When I first started to take it it didn't take too long for me to feel the benefits. Although it took me a year to get to the point of feeling as normal as I think I can do.

    My tsh was not as high as yours at 15 but I responded well to levo. I hope this is the start of your road to feeling better.

  • i dont think levothyroxin is agreeing with me. i feel nauseous. fluttery heart and in my throat. i dnt no what to do anymore. i feel ill

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