Hi I was wondering if anyone out there can help please? I have always suffered from a bit of bloating and stomach grumbling by afternoons but for the last fortnight this has got worse. I look pregnant most of the time and the noises from my stomach are embarrassing. It sounds like I'm constantly hungry with all the rumbles etc.. I have been going to the toilet about three times a day but never feel like I have completely emptied my bowels. I am usually a regular "once a day" person. This is driving me mad and I am terribly embarrassed as we have shared toilets at work. I just have this constant uncomfortable feeling.

Sorry prob too much information I know but I've just managed to get all my symptons under control and now this - I'm at my wits end!

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


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  • Know how you feel. I had this for a long, long time but found taking Swedish Bitters - start gently - eventually sorted things out. I've been gluten free for a few months now and also take a few helpings of Sauerkraut every day, which seems to keep my digestive tract healthy.

  • Thanks Polaris I will look into that willing to try anything x

  • Hi polarised

    where can I get Swedish bitters please?

  • This is what I use Daffers - a long established herbalist in London :


    Probably best to start gently !

  • Try removing wheat and sugar

  • Sounds like many options but IBS or lactose intolerance spring to mind. Have you had a bug or antibiotics, changed your diet or medication/supplements? I recommend visiting your GP and ruling out other possibles to name a few: coeliac, IBD, Helicobactor Pylori, worth getting bloods checked also ......

    Based on your findings you can then hopefully get the correct treatment.

  • I was like this before I became gluten free.

  • I feel your pain, literally! I'm trialling betaine hcl at the moment as I wondered if it could be a stomach acid issue...I think it's helping a bit but I'm not always sure how much to take as it seems to depend on the protein content of the meal.

  • Do you have Pernicious Anaemia? Lack of stomach acid often goes hand in hand with this condition. There is a N.I.C.E. document to this effect on the internet somewhere. I do and had some similar symptoms to you. The bloating was terrible, and was accompanied by pain and nausea. A trip to the gastroenterologist resulted in a prescription for Metaclopramide (I think it was called) I took it for 3 months witout any effect.Then one day I was reading about a condition called I.B.S. and recognised some of the symptoms. The suggested remedy was a water-based pro-biotic called SYMPROVE. It was almost miraculous. Within a day or two my symptoms disappeared. I have taken it now for several months and don't dare stop. Lack of stomach acid means that your food ferments instead of digesting.Hence the horrible symptoms.The probiotics help. Maybe this isn't your problem, but I felt that I had to write to you. All the best to you.

  • Hi Wedgewood

    Yes I do suffer from it and now you say it that makes perfect sense. I have stopped eating fruit as thought it was the acid in grapes and pineapple bloating me out. This seemed to help for a while but now it is back with a vengance. I feel like I can't wear anything too fitted as it becomes too tight during the course of the day.

    Thanks for your help very useful x

  • This is one of the best descriptions I have read on the thyroid-brain-gut and B12 connection:

    "Hashimoto's Healing- Facebook post by Marc Ryan:

    "Hashimoto's Health Tip: The Little Paint Brushes in Your Tummy

    "Anyone who has lived with Hashimoto's knows that this is so much more than a thyroid problem. The biggest axis of trouble is often found in the thyroid-brain-gut connection. And one common problem that causes this is leaky gut or intestinal permeability. Many researchers believe that this is ground zero for autoimmune disease. It is the place that autoimmune disease is born and the place that makes it get worse and worse. And when things get worse in the gut, problems in the thyroid and brain often follow.

    In this post, I wanted to shed light on some little known but very helpful enzymes called brush border enzymes.

    Brush Border

    The small intestines are the place where leaky gut often happens.

    And the walls of the small intestines are lined with tiny little hair like protrusions called microvilli. On a regular microscope they kind of look like a tiny, fuzzy paint brush. This fuzzy appearance is why they came up with the term "brush border" to describe them.

    Where Absorption Happens

    This is the place where absorption happens.

    And many people with Hashimoto's suffer from deficiencies of important vitamins and nutrients (like vitamin D, vitamin B12 and B6, zinc, selenium, magnesium, iron, etc.)

    One of the reasons for this is the breakdown of these brush borders.

    Foods high in lectins or other inflammatory substances (like gluten, and other grains, beans and nightshades) can actually cause these brush borders to get crushed and destroyed. The microvilli (little hairs) that make up the brush border have enzymes for this final part of digestion anchored into their membrane as membrane proteins. These enzymes are found near to the transporters that will then allow absorption of digested nutrients.

    Brush Border Enzymes

    Brush border enzymes amylase, cellulase and invertase can be effective in digesting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats without causing irritation and digestion of the intestinal walls. One problem with using large quantities of pancreatic enzymes (which are commonly found in digestive enzyme formulas) is that they may actually irritate and digest the intestinal walls.

    The theory about the reason for this is that they help break down proteins and your intestinal walls are made of proteins.

    If you have leaky gut, which many of us do, these proteins are exposed.

    And these digestive enzymes don't know which proteins to digest and which ones to not digest. They break down all of them.

    If you are using digestive enzymes, you should be cautious about which kind you are using. Because, if you have leaky gut, you may actually make it worse by using the wrong kinds. Brush border enzymes don't do this.

    They are safe, well tolerated and can be a good tool in healing these tiny little paintbrushes."

  • Please.let me know what the name of thr product you use and were I can purchase it.Lily

  • Be careful with metaclopramide if you ever end up taking it. I was given it too and no help but worsened my fatigue and anxiety.

    Another doc forbid me to take it as it can cause anxiety and depression especially to women!

    For what I know it is better to used in gastroparesis as it pushes food forward so i th might worsen issues with ibs. Nasty stuff :(

  • Hi,

    I have had the same symptoms for probably about 5 weeks now and have recently started to see an improvement. I went to see my GP who organized a whole bunch of tests including an updated TSH and T4 test, as it had been a while since my last. It turned out that my TSH had slowly started to creep up again without me realizing. The GP increased my dose of Levothyroxine and I decided to have a daily pro-biotic drink (yakult). The combination of the two seems to be working for me and each day is a little easier.

    Just thought I'd share as it may be worth getting the thyroid blood tests done if it has been a while :)

    Hope it improves soon.

  • Dear all

    I think it an irritable bowel which is mostly not easy to treat but from my point of view and practice No correct treatment for it BUT I found regular exercise ( walking for 30-60 minutes per day) with treating the stress or psychological problem if there is ? Even by taking tranquilizer ) will be helpful.

  • Hi, I suffered from this for years before I decided to take drastic action and try and work out if I had intolerances. Within days I'd tracked it down to Gluten and the elimination of that made all the difference. Seems like lots of us underactive types have a gluten problem. Btw, in the short term a glass of fizzy pop will get rid of the worst of the bloating (lots of burping etc)

  • Probiotics and gluten free has made a huge difference in my leaky gut. Plus I found out I have thyroid issues. The probiotics have been a miracle!!!

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