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Understanding blue horizon medical results

Understanding blue horizon medical results

Can someone please shed some light on what my results mean?

I chose the thyroid test as I have been feeling very tired, achy, gained 21lb in a few months

I suffer from Hughes syndrome so have blood clots and have also recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

I feel at a loss now, as my thyroid came back really well

( the photo has been added below of the results)

Thank you and Happy New Year

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Are you still having B12 jabs every 3 months? That B12 level is much lower than I'd expect if you are. Your Vit D levels could do with being boosted too - do you take any Vit D supplements?

Have you ever tried cutting out gluten? Been tested for coeliac disease?

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kittybaker - you are also folate deficient - without folate your body can't process the B12 it is receiving

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That is something I did not know. Thank you


I have tried Gluten free when diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I believe my GPs have tested previously for coeliac as well


I've been tested for coeliac disease with biopsies carried out during endoscopy, and also with blood tests. They all came back negative for coeliac. As a result of those negative results I didn't try going gluten-free for another 5 years after that.

I did eventually try going 100% g-f a couple of years ago. And to my surprise I got a lot of benefit from doing so. As a result of that I did some research and found out that gluten affects the brain as well as the gut. Look up gluten ataxia. I'd been struggling with poor balance for several years, and giving up gluten helped reduce the problem a lot. I still have issues with balance in the dark, but during the day I don't usually have a problem any more.

Another benefit I got was slightly improved absorption of iron. I had been very low in iron, and it took me nearly two years to raise my levels to optimal. Going g-f gave me the final boost I needed to get there.

Also, going g-f improved my temper enormously. That was definitely an unexpected bonus!

I would definitely suggest going 100% g-f as an experiment for three months. You can always go back to eating gluten if you get no benefit.


Thank you. It definitely seems worth a try

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You have some sort of inflammation as you have a high CRP. This is probably due to your autoimmune disease.

You need to supplement vitamin D. You should take 5,000IU daily for 16 weeks then half the dose so take 5,000IU every other day. Get tested again at 4 months with an aim to get your level to around 100nmol/L. (Use City Assays for the vitamin D3 test as it is about £30 and is a finger prick test - Unfortunately some labs still use the measure of 50nmol/L as being adequate when it isn't particularly for anyone with an thyroid or autoimmune condition. You should take this with vitamin K2-MK7 and magnesium citrate. These are cofactors of vitamin D3 and are important in it's metabolism. Take vitamin D with a fatty meal e.g. lunch or dinner. Vitamin D at levels like yours can cause you being very tired and achy.

You need to supplement folate. As you are taking B12 injections get in touch with the pernicious aneamia society on health unlocked.

Your ferritin level is not high enough. It should be halfway in the range. You haven't clarified with you are on any other medication and as I don't know enough about Hughs disease I can't advise you to take an iron supplement. This is because iron supplementation can be dangerous for some people. So I would find this out yourself and start another thread with more information. Again ferritin at levels like yours can cause you being very tired and achy.

Looking at your thyroid hormones because your FT3 is high in the range then your thyroid hormones can be considered euthyroid even though your TSH and FT4 are low in the range. Unless your results are out of range you won't be looked at by a doctor. Have a look at your medication patient information leaflet and see if it states it causes thyroid issues. Then have a look on here to see if contains updated information about the active ingredients in your medication. (BTW Do you have excess fluid or funny fat anywhere? If so you need to keep a close check on your thyroid hormones as they may go out of range. )

Be aware most doctors know nothing about nutrition and exercise so if you go to your doctor with these results they will say they are all "normal" and tell you to get your vitamin D supplements from Boots or Holland and Barrett. These stores only sell tablets with a max of 1000IU vitamin D3 in them which is not enough.

Also unless you are planning to get pregnant the doctor will either say that you don't need to worry about your folate, tell you to buy supplements over the counter again or give you junk (folic acid) on prescription.

Finally they are likely to blame your symptoms on your conditions.

The simplest way to buy the correct supplements is on Amazon. The brands usually brought for vitamin D, vitamin K2-MK7, vitamin C, magnesium and the B vitamins are Solgar or Jarrows.

If you have any problems come back here.


Thank you. I responded fully in a separate reply to this answer. It is very helpful though


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