Please help, feeling so cheesed off!

Please help, feeling so cheesed off!

Happy New Year.

Began to feel much better after my dose increase to 75mg. Symptoms beginning to appear again.

In view of my bloods below, should I increase to 100mg, or do repeat bloods first?

As T4 is pretty high, should I be thinking about adding T3, with all the difficulties of getting it?

All my vits are getting to good levels, having followed the recommendations on this fantastic site. I am due to recheck their levels in Feb.

Thanks so much

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  • So sorry it is wrong way up.

    I typed a great long post, put photo on, it was upside down. Went and rotated the photo and lost the long post.

    Having retyped and attached the rotated pic, that is now upside down as well.


    PS I have now developed a slight bilateral swelling to throat, which I assume is goitre"....................back to docs AGAIN????

  • Well, your FT4 is exactly mid-range. Your FT3 is just slightly below mid-range. So, your conversion isn't that bad. So, adding in T3 isn't essential.

    If I were you, I would wait the full 6 weeks before getting tested, and increasing if necessary. The full 75 mcg hasn't had time to fully make itself felt, yet.

  • Thanks GG, such sound advice.

    Actually my basal temp is slowly and steadily rising, and the wildly seesawing of temp is also improving.

    I'll stop the self pity and get on with my day......THANKS!

  • You're welcome. :)

  • Oh, but the dose increase to 75 mg was after bloods on 2/11/16. So bloods should be 6 weeks after that??

    (Yes, I know, bloods on 2/12/16 was odd, I'd seen a useless endo)

  • Oh, well, in that case, you can do the bloods now. :)

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