Sub-clinical and so cheesed off

Hi, I'm new to this, and my first post so excuse me if I'm missing vital info!

Due to showing several symptoms of hypothyroidism, extreme fatigue being the worst, I finally got around to getting full bloods tested. Everything came back fine, including B12, folate, diabetes etc.....apart from my Thyroid function. Apparently my TSH is 8, although T4 and T3 are within range. (I'm just trying to get a print out of my results to find the full facts).

I'm guessing a TSH of 8 is enough to make me feel like I'm walking in treacle all day and have zero energy?

I have a family history, both mother and maternal grandmother having both had their thyroid removed quite young, but apparently as I'm under the magic 10, GP is not prepared to treat.

All I want to do is feel better - so blooming depressed by this. What can I do? I'm already living a healthy lifestyle, diet etc....I have to otherwise I would be the size of a small country if I don't watch my diet!!

Any thoughts anyone?


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It depends how close you are to being properly clinically hypo, but some gps might be persuaded to give you a trial of levo. When you get your test results come back and post them w ranges (the numbers in parentheses across from the results) and we'll see where you are.

Also would be helpful to see what any other tests showed in the past, if you had any previous thyroid testing. Antibodies, if they're raised, could swing it too. If you're subclinical but have raised antibodies and have remained so over time (ie not just an isolated result) it's just a matter of time before you'll need levo and some doctors will be swayed by this argument.

Sorry to hear you're unwell. You have all my sympathy, I know what it's like.

poor you.... has your gp tested you for hashi's antibodies? Maybe if the test came back positive they might be willing to put you on a trial of thyroxine to see how you feel. What's your reference range for TSH? TSH of 8 is well over the 5.5 that my surgery use. I was put on levo when my TSH was subclinical, but I also had the antibody test done, which convinced my doctor that I had hashimoto's and he was willing to treat me. You must feel awful with a TSH of 8...

I do feel pretty awful to be honest. My husband has picked up a print out for me today of all the results (I'm currently at work - full time, yawning)... so hope to find all the ranges later today. Antibodies haven't been tested, but they want to retest in 3 months, so will make sure they add these. I'm just fed up I suppose as it's taken me a long time to get it sorted out (but the tiredness etc down to other things) and now it looks as if it is thyroid related, the GP seems reluctant to do anything until the magic 10 is hit :-( You guys must hear this all the time. So frustrating when all you want is to feel better.

I didn't hit the magic 10 before being given Levothyroxine. Think it was 7. something. Doctors can prescribe if you are symptomatic. I would go back and talk to the doctor again. If he/ she does prescribe a starting dose check that there will be regular blood tests, usually about every six weeks, to monitor your TSH and raise dose if needed. My TSH went up on the starting dose but at 150 mcg is far more stable and about 1 on average. You need him/ her on board for the long haul if diagnosed. If you haven't already, get a cholesterol check. It can be high in hypos and gives you some ammunition. (not personally that worried about high cholesterol but doctors are)

Well the only other result I can add to the TSH 8 is T4 of 13.7. No other tests done, so no T3 or antibodies, so will fight to get those added to the next set. The worry is my maternal grandmother had both glands removed in her 30's and my mother's has also had one removed, so also a family link. The T4 seems low in the scale, is that indicative of anything? It's going to be a long 3 months.....thanks so much for your responses. It's quite a tricky subject to research ...

Oh and the ranges TSH 0.3 - 4.2) and T4 (12.0 - 22.0) (mine is 13.7).

Its really important to get the antibody results. I never had them, and looking back, had times when I had overactive symptoms. Never tested though. Thought to be stress at the time but was eating to gain weight. Now post menopause and just gain weight! Having glands removed implies overactive thyroid / Hashimotos. An overactive thyroid is far more dangerous than underactive so would wait for antibody tests.

Apologies for not reading your first post properly. See that you mentioned the thyroid being removed.

Not sure if they knew about Hashimotos in the the days of our Grandparents. My grandad had his thyroid removed. Plus an older colleague

Hi there, I'm not sure if this is appropriate to your situation.... but this happened to me and I told my doctor I was thinking of trying to get pregnant soon. This was the only way I could pursuade a GP to treat me, as the protocols are different for pregnant women. I'm now on 50mcg Levothyroxine and feel much better xxx

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