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Please help! So sick of doctors!



I am at a total loss. I have had such bad shedding of hair for about 5 years now and it is at its worst ever. The doctors have basically told me that im just getting older and that i have alopecia (im only 35).

It all started at 30years old, i did a fast of fruit and veggies only. After the 20th day i lost so much hair i quite the fast and have had problems ever since. Other symptoms started to occur like being so bloated i looked 8 months pregnant all the time, continued rapid hair loss, fatigued all day i couldnt function and then insomnia at night, i was miserable, also gained about 10 pounds in less than a year. I did uears of research about hypothyroidism, figured that was my problem, bought ndt (natural desiccated thyroid), and started to take them, my energy got better, but my hair loss has seemed to increase, its so bad. I know i have low ferritin, trying to increase it. According tothe endo qll my tests are fine! Ahhhh, i feel crazy, please help!

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I think the best thing would be to post your results if you have them so we can have a look and see if we can help. If you can post them you need to post the ranges too x

Have you had vitamins and minerals checked? Hair loss can be related to deficiencies in zinc, iron and some vitamins among other things.

Can you find a nutritionist who may be able to help you? Look at the website for BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy) at where you can find a nutritionist near you.

You may find some other ideas if you google for 'hair loss vitamins'.

In my opinion thyroid problems don't come on their own, but can usually be helped by identifying nutritional problems.

My ferritin is low. Zinc i have not checked and no on the minerals as well. I do take a small multi vitamin and magnesium. Thank you, i think i will definitely be looking into a nutritionist. I hope i find a decent one. Babygodmother , Anthea55

The fact that it started during a fruit and veg fast strongly suggests iron deficiency but as others have said, other minerals including zinc and biotin can be implicated. My daughter lost over half her hair but shedding stopped shortly after supplementing these.

What are you doing about the ferritin level? Are you taking iron? Low ferritin is linked to hair loss, the further you go below 70, the more the hair loss.... Here is more info....



I am taking iron, a dosage of about 50mg. My ferritin is a low 40

B12 deficiency could cause all of the symptoms you have mentioned - and huge overlap with thyroid - also a strong correlation between B12 absorption problems and thyroid problems - you need to get a full blood done and start ruling out other possibilities, as per above

I would agree re the B12 thing too, these symptoms can be a sign of this. Hair loss is linked to B12d, too. Even if you are in the "normal" range. I had a normal blood result with severe neurological symptoms, which dropped like a stone over a period of 2 weeks, only then did anyone believe me. I have had next to no help from any doctor, my opinion of them is less than zero, I'm afraid. And I am a nurse... Hope you're feeling better soon.

Always ask for a copy of your bloods, you are entitled to them. There may be a nominal charge to cover the cost of paper and ink. When a medic says your results are fine it often means you are in range which isn't really acceptable. You need to be optimally treated and that often means having your result in the top half of the ranges at least. Often feel better if in the top third or even quarter.

You may not be converting the inactive T4 into the active T3 that every cell in our bodies need. Not many pick up on that or don't know as getting an FT3 reading is quickly becoming like finding he 's teeth. As was said above post your results and ranges and I'm sure you will get further good advice. The ranges are important as they differ from lab to lab.

I did a 40 odd day fruit and veg juice fast and ended up not being able to swallow, it ended up being a vitamin B12 deficiency, its unlikely you are going to get the medical profession to agree though as you will likely have a blood serum range deemed 'normal'. All of your symptoms, as others have already pointed out to you, could be B12 related. Here is a list of symptoms that I found have a look on the video's page and the third one down relates specifically to hair loss (its a quick BBC documentary about a great UK Dr, well worth 7 mins of your time). All the best.

sweetsusie in reply to hathi999

Absolute best blog, hathi999. Thank you!

Thank yo everyo e i really appreciate all of it.

Ft3 3.3 range 2.3-4.2

Thyroid peroxidase ab <1 range <9 ml

Tsh <6 range <=16%

Dhea 134 range 23-266 mcg

Sex hormone 90 range 17-124 L

Thyroglobulin serum <1 range <=1 iu/ml

Tsh ft4 0.01 range 0.32-4.0

Dihydrotestosterone 15 range 5-46 dl

Ferritin 44

All my vitamin tests were years ago, the dr wouldnt test again when i asked.

Do nutritionists test your vitins and minerals? silverfox7 , Eddie83 , NatChap

GP will usually be prepared to test B12, vit D and folate. You could put in writing that from your symptoms you suspect a deficiency.

You need to post whatever results the endo gave you.

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