My last Tsh result was 7 and before it was going up and up for 3 months, never required to up the meds...guess what?

Still alive after 12 weeks weaning of meds ladies and gents;)

I was right! thyroid hates winter! A dietary adjustment helped a lot and brought down my tsh.:)

7 last time to now 4.45 normal range 0.2 to 5. I know tsh still needs to be 1 or below and t4 at the top and t3 too.....t3 test has been delayed!

but its all good just gotta keep going until spring:)

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  • The rule of thumb used to be twelve years between being seen to be hypothyroid (though, before tests, this is likely to have been myxoedemic - having non-pitting oedema), and finally succumbing. Twelve weeks, or even twelve months, is far more likely simply to make the person feel desperately ill.

  • Well things are improving: losing weight, organs are improving hence the drop in tsh and my mental state too! My condition is mostly dietary! My periods are regulating. I am balancing out my adrenals and regulating my bowels.

  • If you've been diagnosed as hypothyroid and aren't now taking replacement hormones, you could damage your heart and other organs eventually.

  • I know of several cases where thyroid antibodies have gone down and TSH, T3, etc. have normalized by changing diet, fixing adrenals, treating infections, recovering from surgery, etc.

    However, the high end of the TSH range has been changed in the US to around 2.5, while docs in the UK seem to have their heads in the sand and persist in using the faulty old range, which included people with active thyroid problems and not just normal people.

    Your TSH is still way too high and you risk damage if you don't get it down below 2. So, keep up the good work in lowering it, but supplement until you get it down to a normal level, then see if you can go without and maintain a normal level and remain symptom free.

  • I know about the doctors here in the UK.... I have just gave up!

    I just look at other angles of getting well: t.c.m all the way

  • yep its a working progress both tcm and gp are working with me to get well! Still learning about my body xxxxxx

  • Aren't we all?!

    Best to you! Maybe we'll all figur it out in 2017!!

  • I don't use supplements from labs. Fresh food! non processed rubbish!

  • I didn't used to either. Then I got cancer eating a healthy diet of fresh food.

    Currently, I take 10mg a day of B12, verified by labs, to address fatigue, or I am asleep all day long.

    My iron numbers went haywire and hematocrit dropped, which turned out to be sideroblastic anemia, caused by severe B6 deficiency, where my bone marrow is not properly making hemoglobin for my red blood cells to carry oxygen. I now take 400mg, doctors orders, which is an enormous amount, but my body needs it.

    I also developed severe leg cramps, kidney trouble, and angina, which turned out to be severe calcium deficiency. Apparently, being too short of it can cause cardiac arrest.

    I also ran short of dopamine, caused by tyrosine deficiency, and now take 4g of it day. My doctor found this when I became severely depressed suddenly, which the tyrosine resolved.

    Oh, and then there was the anemia caused by chemotherapy, requiring 4 IV infusions of iron.

    Fortunately, or unfortunately, I've had extreme symptoms from nutrient deficiencies my body developed, causing me to seek medical attention and proving, without a doubt, that thoughtful and personalized supplementation is not rubbish at all.

    Over 70% of US adults are deficient in magnesium, and I believe the numbers are similar in the UK. In the US, we have iodine deficient soils, causing widespread thyroid issues, and B12 deficiency is rampant among the elderly, causing dementia.

    Perhaps you are extremely lucky.

    But, from what I've seen and researched, many diseases develop slowly over many years due to subtle nutrient deficiencies until they build to a point of crisis where people finally see medical attention and want to fix it by taking a pill, which can gave varied results.

    For some, it's too late.

  • What's the dietary change? Are you Hashi / with antibodies? Are you therefore avoiding iodine or including iodine foods? Likewise trying to balance iodine with selenium. Taking any supplements?

    It's a dangerous game - I know, as came off T4 as body rejected and made me much worse, that said Docs refused glandulars and wouldn't prescribe T3 (altho may have asked an Endo to prescribe it - BUT I decided to try to work on all the above mentioned things, but feel need to do something else - just money is too tight for private tests). :-)

  • I have no autoimmune disease

  • That's good

  • storm I can show u photos of progress;) everything from levothyroxine to t3 to pig thyroid to herbs diet etc. My diet changes a lot!

  • I take seaweed and on a low meat high plant diet! no gluten, milk,etc.

  • I am on T.C.M my condition is dietary! I am carrying on! Folks said I will end up dead in 12 weeks! Its over that time since I have weaned off the meds!

    dont bother with supplementing! I treat my underlying causes of my condition through diet. I dont bother with pills,etc. I got my Chinese herbal doctor helping me over come stuff!

    I will carry on eating my low meat high plant diet with No dairy and gluten.

  • What is TCM?

  • Unfortunately some people expect us to know without explaining!

    Traditional Chinese Medicine is my guess. (Seems rather more likely than Turner Classic Movies or Texas Chainsaw Massacre. :-) )

  • Thanks, helvella. :)

  • Ha ha haaa

  • I have heard TCM / Chinese Med can do wonders, but as usual and for those too poor, we end up not physically going for it ha ha! Always dubious too, incase get worse, as been very very poorly with this and auto immune - but working on it, same as you, just different ways ;-)

  • Quite happy to believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine can address things "western" medicine cannot - as well as some of the same things. There are, though, lots of questions - such as:

    If TCM is so wonderful and effective, why is there quite so much active research being done in China?

    How do you find a good and trustworthy practitioner?

    Is it even possible to receive top quality TCM treatment in places like the UK? Are the required substances available here?

  • recently tcm has been recognized by global and British western medicine as medicine! its proven track record of getting patients well and off their walking sticks! NHS rely on sick patients to get paid! Chinese rely on patients getting well in order to get paid!

    5000 years ago,over 500 texts were published on how to treat the cold and flu! Thats the first medical research!

    Your body can heal itself! Follow a completely different life style change!

  • First medical research in t.c.m so there is a large diverse range of research in China! Western docs poo poo it! think about it! granted some are quack, there are lots that are not yet they are deemed quack!

    There are good docs in the UK who keep low pro for all kinds of reasons! Same with TCM docs!

    A tcm doctor doesn't believe in using vitamin supplements, etc. its just placing a plaster over the cracks!

    they find the route cause and treat with food!

  • Well its another route to healing the body from within and if it works and is working for you then well done. I don't dismiss anything unless I have looked into it fully and don't know enough at all about Chinese herbal medicine.

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