Has anyone tried DIM for peri menopause symptoms?

Just as my thyroid and adrenals finally seems sorted what should rear its ugly head but the first signs of peri menopause. Bah.

Anyway, DIM has been recommended to me by my thyroid doc so am interested in people's experience with it. I'm not sure if it reduces oestrogen or just balances hormones? I don't think I've got particularly high oestrogen, more likely falling progesterone but who knows, it's a complicated business!

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  • Lolalois,

    You may find some answers in healthunlocked.com/search/d...

  • Lolalois,

    I have big MTHFR issues and use DIM to help regulate & promote a more efficient metabolism of oestrogen.

    I am menopausal and supplement bio-identical HRT (Oestrogel) and having conducted two DUTCH hormone tests, each show slow metabolising of oestrogen into 2-hydrxestrone and excretion of unused//unneeded hormone.

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