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Has anyone tried avocado oil for psoriasis?

Sorry, only tangentially related to thyroid (autoimmune) issues, but my psoriasis is spreading and on my face/hairline it looks very inflamed. I usually slap on a little steroid cream but it has such a short-lived effect. I have calcipotriol ointment too but it's so greasy I hate to use it near my hair.

I read that (topical) avocado oil can help because of the vit a in it. Has anyone else tried this? I've started using it but it's early days and now I feel a bit of a mug because I've bought into it with no evidence. :-)

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It could well be connected to the thyroid as I believe Psoriasis is auto-immune - please correct me if I am wrong.... Do you have Hashimotos ? Don't think the avocado cream will do any harm at all if it is pure and does not contain anything that will irritate. What are your VitD levels ? VitD is more than a vitamin and is anti-inflammatory and a steroidal pre-hormone.

Also the skin is our BIGGEST organ and often reflects what is going on in the gut.... Do you have gut issues ? - or perhaps they are hiding. Have you considered trying to be gluten-free to see if that helps the psoriasis....

Steroid creams may be a quick fix - but long term can cause skin thinning....maybe a little more research :-) If I find anything I will forward it to you. Am sure others will know and let you know....


Yes Marz, it is autoimmune and I have Hashi's as well. I'm using avocado oil - just an organic oil with no additives - so it won't do any harm but equally I don't know that it will help as I've read. I use oils on my skin anyway which don't do anything to help the psoriasis except keep it moisturised.

I was strictly gf for a year with no changes to the psoriasis (or anything else). For the moment I'm not avoiding gluten but will prob go back to gf as my doc recommends it.

The calcipotriol is meant to help avoid using steroids but it is greasy. I must see if the doc can rx a cream instead of ointment.

Cheers for the reply.

Reply hope it soon improves for you ....


Hi Puncuredbicycle, Psoriasis was the first "symptom" of my Hashimotos. I use a coal tar shampoo and double base cream. Never thought of avocado.x


Interesting. I had psoriasis for prob 20 years before any thyroid problems were dx. I'm v lucky as mine is quite minor and only a bit uncomfortable but easy to hide. Some people have it MUCH worse than I do. It is beginning to spread though, which is annoying.

Thanks so much for replying. I'll let you know if the avocado oil helps. x


Hi,Puncturedbicycle, I first had psoriasis in 1979,after a flu like illness. I had it quite bad one my arms for more than thirty years. The doublebase really helped. I think by mentioning the psoriasis to the endo. help with his diagnosis.x


Just popped psoriasis into the Search Box on the green bar and a couple of things came up - just wondered if the post of two years ago has anything new to reveal for you....


Hi Marz. I looked at five pages of search results but didn't see a question from two years ago. Do you mean a question I asked? Can you give me a little more info and I'll see if I can find it. Cheers.


Hope this helps - you have lots of knowledge but there just may be a little gem hiding away there... :-)


Cheers! Will have a look.



Had a look at that link somebody gave, its one of those that try and sell you something

without giving you the info about what is in it and then its difficult to leave the page.

I would suggest you search for Salcura , they have there own site, and is made of natural

ingredients without chemicals. Although it is designed for humans I have used it on my dog for the past 2 years to keep his psoriasis under control, which he has as a side effect

of having polyneuropathy. Certainly works better than the rubbish the vets prescribed.

Kind regards



Many thanks Tina. I will have a look.


Just fyi, today the patches are much less inflamed and not itchy at all. Still dry/scaly but not silvery/flaky. Whether or not that is anything to do with the oil I don't know. It waxes and wanes so it might just be in its improving phase for now.


I have been using Avocado300Soy Unsaponifiables for 2 months now and it has taken the psoriasis off my entire body - except my scalp.....I have had psoriasis for several years and even did the UV treatments for a couple of years with no results. Because this has worked for my body, I just bought Avocado Oil and I am going to try it on my scalp instead of my prescription oil. The pills take about a month for initial change and the only place we could find it is on Walmart's website....their pharmacist recommended it. Good luck


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