Has anyone tried thyroid cream

I was looking for it as I remember reading, in my FM days, some success with cytomel cream on keloid lumps in myofascial pain syndrome. Don't quote me on that recall! Anyway, I stumbled on a thyroid forum post by a patient that was compounding her own because the amount of thyroid hormone she needed to eliminate pain and stiffness was too large a dose for her heart. I can identify with less pain on higher doses but sometimes accompanied by hyper symptoms. Wondered if anyone has tried trans-dermal thyroid preparations?

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Helbell, I've never heard of thyroid cream. Sounds an interesting concept so had a Google but didn't find anything.

Found a scary site advocating up to 150mcg T3 for men and 100mcg T3 for women plus anabolic steroids to burn off fat and increase muscle for competitve athletes in their last 8 weeks of training though. They must be barking :o

Yep...heart, watch out!

PubMed have some papers going way back on hair growth trials using rodents. This is interesting hindawi.com/journals/jtr/20...

Been there, almost did that. That's why (I suspect) I have knackered adrenals and hypo now! We also used to get Triacana cream, which is some sort of T3 analogue.

Angel, did that result from your experience of topical cream, or trying to dose to pain relief? Are your adrenals, or can they be on the road to recovery? This stuff is a minefield!

No. i think it was from taking too much T3 when I didn't really have a thyroid problem, not eating much and training incredibly hard. The cream didn't seem to bother anyone and was of limited effectiveness for what we used it for (getting cut for competitions on those parts that tend to hold fat like thighs and abs)

Good Grief. I see T3 all over body building sites, are the trainers aware of the pitfalls, or is the the reward too compelling? Did it alter your natural thyroid function?

It's hard to say. I think, with hindsight, that I was always a poor converter (never been so un-depressed and normally warm, if you see what I mean). But the stress of divorce, full time job, 900 cal diet, 6-days a week training and competing on top of it definitely finished off my adrenals - it's taken 25 years to get them mostly functional again.

Back on T3 only now, but much less.

Complete burnout, sounds like. Glad to hear you finally on some road to recovery. I feel sorry for myself for losing three years!

I wish they had a t3 patch and a cortisol patch to bypass the stomach.. I didn't know they had a t3 cream!! I wonder if we could make our own and use it in a mucus membrane are, for better absorption?

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