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Raised testosterone


Can someone please help me with my testosterone result or if I need treatment. The GP who ordered this said my results are consistent with polycystic ovary syndrome but when I went to speak with another GP she said my levels of the reproductive hormones were only slightly out. I have hair growing on my face in a male pattern, periods have ended and getting acne. Should I put the FSH and LH results as well, I can include those if needed.


Testosterone - 2.1 (0.7 - 1.6)

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Your result isn't slightly out it is completely out.

Some doctors say words like "slightly out" as they think they can avoid panicking patients but this is really unhelpful, and they should tell you the truth.

I would go back and make sure you have an appointment to see the first doctor. Avoid seeing the second doctor for any treatment unless you are dying, and even then go to A&E in preference.

You need to do something about having no periods as otherwise you can end up with osteoporosis when older.


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