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So I FINALLY got the appt with the endochronologist. She was rather abrupt, and although I was answering her questions, she kept cutting me off... very long story short, she seems to think the prednisone I took during and after my hospital stay for my shortness of breath due to swine flu attacking my lungs, is mostly responsible for my symptoms. Said she thinks it's more side-effects of prednisone than my thyroid (even though I have family history of thyroid removals in both Mom and Dad's family (their sisters)). Also sounded like she was blaming me and my diet for the weight gain, bc she asked for an example of what I ate in a day (12 oz of oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar, lettuce and tomato on toast for lunch -- if I eat lunch, bcmost days I skip, and maybe some rice and green beans for dinner) -- then she said I gave to watch my carbs, and said we'd discuss weight loss and exercise programs in the future... I was like "What???" Up until January of this year, I was a very active person, without a problem. Tried to explain that in this year, I've become a sloth who's joints aches, legs swell and who's too exhausted to even think about working out. Not to mention the exhaustion and the dozen other symptoms. She didn't seem to believe me, like I WANTED my thyroid to be bad, so I could blame it for being fat! I told her I wished there was no problem with my thyroid or my pituitary - that I'd be happy if I was just low on a nutrient and needed supplementing. She did say my hair might've fallen out bc I was low on Vitamin D, bc i had the blood test to confirm that and she could see that for herself... unbelievable... anyway, she took 3 big vials of blood and said she'd test my cortisol since it was Noon, she'd also run testosterone, thyroid tests and a few other things... should get results by Wednesday. Fingers crossed she finds something! Cant stand feeling like I'm 100 years old! My ankles don't want to bend and every joint makes snapping noises even after just resting for a few hours on the couch...

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  • Let's hope she's done the whole lot of tests for your thyroid gland, i.e. T4, T3, FT4 and FT3 and antibodies.

  • I'm thinking she did NOT do the antibodies bc she said something like, "There's other tests we may run, once we see what these are..." so I guess she's checking the standard thyroid tests and will run antibodies IF the levels look off... at least that's what I think that means! She did take 3 big vials of blood and offered to test cortisol level too, so I'm hoping she does the right thing and tests for antibodies as well as nutritional deficiencies such as B6, ferritin, etc.

  • Ok, so just logged into my Dr account and I can see what she ordered... CBC 5 part diff, basic metabolic profile, iron, ferritin, b12, folate, anti-thy peroxidase, anti thyroglobulin, cortisol, TSH III G, T4 FREE, Vit D (25 Hydroxy), and Testosterone - Free and Total.

    No T3 free. Wish she had run that. How will I know if there is a conversion problem??

  • She was rather abrupt, and although I was answering her questions, she kept cutting me off

    I read quite recently that when a male patient starts talking to a doctor, on average it takes 18 seconds for the doctor to interrupt.

    When a female patient starts talking to a doctor, on average it takes 12 seconds for the doctor to interrupt.

  • I believe it! I even purposefully chose a female Dr so that my symptoms, especially weight gain, would be listened to and understood how I've tried everything to thwart gaining -- but apparently they teach these Dr's to assume that people do not want to take responsibility for their eating, or that we're delusional -- bc even she was challenging me about my normal diet, emphasizing that I should watch my carbs -- that we will talk about seeing a nutritionist, a weight-loss program and about joining a gym... unbelievable. Yeah ok, it's MY fault. I've been eating like a bird and watching my weight my whole life -- but now suddenly I've gained 25 lbs in a year -- right, that's normal and MY fault. UUGH!!! 🙄

  • This is a link to a website which was run by an Adviser to Thyroiduk.org.uk before his untimely death for information.


    There are other topics at the top of the page - some of which might not be accessible as site is archived now. :)

  • You are eating a lot of carbs, can I suggest that you read up on how damaging carbs can be? The biggest weight loss success I've had is by following the High Fat, Low carb system. It's not about counting calories or weighing portions, it's about removing the carbs that do you no favours, potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and sugar. A little fruit is ok (mostly the darker ones like blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries). For a better guide dietdoctor.com has all the information you need. You won't be hungry but you should lose something and if I'm anything to go by, you'll feel better too.

    I had almost that conversation with the Endo I saw, I wanted to be hypo as an excuse for being overweight, astonishing isn't it, do you suppose that's another thing they're taught when training "you'll get loads of fat ladies wanting to blame their thyroid and not their gluttony so make sure you give them both barrels" 😉

  • For sure! LOL!!! As far as the carbs go, I'm screwed if I give them up. I'm a vegetarian so my food choices are quite limited to begin with - take away carbs and all I've got is vegetables and fruit? Damn, I'll never leave the bathroom! TMI, but if I don't have a carb like some bread when I eat a large salad, then like 1.5 hours later, I'm in the bathroom with diarrhea... in addition, I have some food allergies (I believe strawberries is one, eggs, soy, etc) too, so that complicates things as well... I really don't understand, I was fine for 45 years, now this year once on prednisone, all this crap starts and I gain a ton of weight -- but I was fine all along! I'm so confused...

  • There is loads you can eat, avocado, cream, cheese, hummus (ok carby but not too bad) sweet potato occasionally. There are some good beefy veg like aubergine which can be added to lots of veggie dishes for taste and bulk. Full cream milk, double cream, raw is very good for your gut. Have you heard of the milk diet, worth looking up ;o) Rather than bread made from wheat, investigate bread made using other less carby grains. Nuts, nut butters, a little carby but good for healthy fat and some protein. Try this link for a more comprehensive guide - verywell.com/low-carb-veget...

  • Ok, I'll take a look. Guess I've got to keep my mind open... thanks for the suggestions! Praying my blood work comes back today and Endo has some helpful information!

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