Has adding Hydrocortisone tablets for adrenal fatigue when on levy/ndt for hypothyroid to increase energy levels helped?

I have been on ndt for hypothyroid approx a year and half (undiagnosed for 10 years)my energy levels, cognitive abilities and several symptoms improved. However, my energy levels did not increase as much as expected. Defintitley have adrenal fatigue issues, probably pre-existing hypothyroid issues, so decided to try hydrocortisone tablets to see if energy levels increase and would love to hear of anyone's experience with these?

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  • You don't take HC to increase energy levels, you take it to rest the adrenals. And it's really not something you should self-treat with. How much are you taking, and when?

  • Hi greygoose, haven't started, was thinking of trying. What would you suggest for increasing energy levels?

    And what dosage of hydrocortisone to rest adrenals?

  • Have you had all your blood tests done? FT3, nutrients, etc? Have you had your cortisol tested? I wouldn't suggest anything without seeing those results.

  • Hi greygoose, have had FT3, iron, ferritin, b12, folate, cortisol, vit d3 etc tested. Some were low, increased with supplements, though iron decreased and ferritin doubled the upper range amount. Nothing I have tried so far has increased energy levels.

  • So what was your cortisol level?

  • Cortisol level went over range when over medicated with NDT. Then went low when reduced ndt. Usually am tired during the day and then get more energy evening and night. I am looking for the actual cortisol readings.

  • OK. But you should only take HC if it's really, really low. Other than that, take an adrenal supplement, and support your adrenals by getting lots of b vits, and vit C. And salt. And have a high protein breakfast as soon as you get up.

  • Hi greygoose, was just rereading post by phoenix23002 at healthunlocked.com/thyroidu... and wonder if I should try hydrocortisone cream instead of the tabs?

  • I've never tried that, so I can't comment. Sorry.

  • After you rested your adrenals using hydrocortisone tablets, did your energy improve?

  • In the beginning, yes. But, it didn't last.

  • Thank you greygoose, sorry to hear that. Really hard to know what to try aside of the vits/mins/salt, etc.

  • Well, there are an awful lot of vitamins and minerals to try.

  • I have tried many, will try zinc next.

  • I don't know that zinc will give you energy, but it might be good for muscle aches. So, might come to the same thing. I think that when we're riddled with aches and pains, it saps our energy.

  • Very true.

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