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What do you take for adrenal recovery?

Have been treating hypothyroidism with NDT for approx a year, but still experience excessive fatigue, weakness and long sleeps. According to Dr Lam adrenals could need to be sorted in such a case.

What supplements/vitamins/minerals/herbs, etc have you found help regenerate your adrenals?

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Here is a link to a site that might prove helpful to you. You can also search/google

STTM adrenals and more links than this one will show up with additional information.


If adrenal fatigue doesn't fit your symptoms try research/google STTM pooling and

see if those symptoms are a better fit.

Treating the adrenals can be tricky and there is no one simple supplement or vitamin that addresses the problem. The link I gave you has a few things you can 'test' to

see if adrenals are your problem.

Low iron, low B 12, low D3 and estrogen dominance can all play havoc when one tries to optimize their thyroid dosage. Are you sure you are on enough NDT? What do your labs say?


Hi phoenix23002, thank you for the great article, have read a lot on sttm, and may have read this ages ago when all this stuff was like another language!

I've never had sex hormone tests but I suspect eostrogen is dominant judging from symptoms.

Endo tested cortisol with 24 hour urine test and declared by cortisol was fine. Do they authorise 24 hour saliva tests on NHS?

Judging from the article my adrenals def are the problem or one of them.

When blood tests showed iron, b12 low, I assumed d3 was low, I supplemented but discovered that through ferritin had doubled, iron went lower. B12 via injections, b12 and folate went overange but since stopping sups about a year ago, they havent decreased much.

When I was on 5 ndt (x 60mcg) FT4 and FT3 went overange so now take 4. 2 when I go to bed and 2 when I wake.

I was expecting follow up from last endo, she's probably without me knowing discharged me, but never the less, will be sending her a long letter about continued symptoms and suggested tests, eg 24 hour saliva test, and sex hormone tests.

Is Phosphatidylserine, a prescription only med?

PS posted the article on a new post.


Phosphatidylserine is available on Amazon. No prescription required.


Oh I am a muddle head, I already tried Phosphatidylserine/Seriphos. I found I needed to be careful of the dose as could decrease cortisol when already low. It's hard to time it to work only when cortisol is high. But I sometimes take, but can't take a capsule a day. sometimes I take 1 every 1 or 2 days, when I remember.


cc120... When adrenals are struggling or underperforming, they often 'swipe' hormones from anywhere they can get them including our progesterone which is often very low anyway if we are of a certain age and are no longer ovulating (producing an egg) even tho we still make enough estrogen to have periods. Then we can experience 'estrogen dominance'. It doesn't mean that we are making too much estrogen in particular, just that there is no progesterone to offset the estrogen production any longer. Think of estrogen as the 'fire' and progesterone as the 'water'. Progesterone helps to start balancing all our hormones... not in a dramatic fashion. For instance, it won't 'cure' thyroid hormone but it will enhance our melatonin production (the sleep hormone). It won't cure adrenal exhaustion but will

Then when we throw thyroid meds into the mix, which stimulates our adrenals to perform as the thyroid meds start bringing our heart rate, digestive system and body temp up to normal levels, the adrenals can 'crash' because they just can't keep up. Kinda like having an old clunker of a car that putt, putt, putts along at 30 mph but will break down if we give it the gas and try to get to 60 mph..lol.

I would strongly suggest that you have the cortisol saliva test done. I think it is done in 4 stages..... every few hours during the day. Then you will see exactly what is going on and what your normal levels of cortisol should be. Normally, the adrenals need to rest and recuperate so you don't want to take anything that has adrenal glandular as an ingredient. This will stimulate the adrenals and that is what you do NOT want to do. Minimize stress as much as possible and do NOT do any strenuous exercises... just gentle strolls while you recuperate.

The saliva test will show, for instance, if you are making too little cortisol in the am when cortisol should be high. Also whether you are making too much cortisol in the pm when it should be low so you can sleep. Once you have these numbers and see what is going on, you can dose with OTC 1% hydrocortisone cream to make up the difference in output as needed (use a hypodermic needle to measure what you need).

Adrenals run on salt and many folks will drink a salt 'cocktail' a few times a day.... 1/4 - 1/2 tsp of celtic or Real Salt (a brand name) in a glass of water. If that gags you, add some fresh lemon juice along with the salt and maybe some stevia or honey to sweeten it all?

I am not a professional nor do I have much experience in treating adrenal fatigue and have never had the condition myself. Amazing how we become well-versed and experts when we experience something for ourselves. Please do get the tests and read, read, read all that STTM has to say about adrenals and adrenal fatigue (keep googling STTM).

I belong to a group in the USA.. Naturalthyroidhormones on yahoo. I think there is a sister group for the UK on yahoo. Join the USA one if you like or look up the UK group and join. We have some real pros on our group site, folks who are really knowledgeable about adrenals and treating them. The group is closed from Saturday until Tuesday so if you choose to join the USA group, it may take a few hours tomorrow to be approved, etc. This group is owned by Janie, the owner of the STTM site so there is some wonderful information to be had.

Also look into getting sex hormones checked... again, use the saliva test, not blood work since hormones can change from day to day. The saliva test is more reliable. Think about getting some OTC natural progesterone cream. If you do, give me a holler for dosing instructions, okay? Here is a UK link for ProGest... a very good, reliable, well-known brand. Get the plain cream in the tube, not the lavender flavored..lol.


It can take a year or two to tweak all the numbers and to optimize all the puzzle pieces... B 12, iron, D3, adrenals, thyroid, progesterone. Sometimes it is one step forward and two steps back but it is so worth it to regain your health. You didn't become unhealthy in a few months and you won't necessarily get healthy in a few months. Sorry.. didn't mean to write a book. :)

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Thank you phoenix23002, for taking the time and effort to supply such a full and informative answer.

Great point about how fatigued adrenals wipe out hormones. I hope to convince endo on saliva and hormone tests, though I don't think the cortisol 24 hour saliva test is done on the NHS.

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Just reread this post phoenix23002, excellent info and advice x

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Would I require hydrocortisone cream or tabs to rest adrenals?


cc120... Here in the states, those who follow the STTM protocol usually just use over-the-counter 1% hydrocortisone cream. I would think that tabs might require a prescription maybe? Just don't know.

Remember... I haven't had the condition myself and make no claims to be an expert at treating the condition. Do check the STTM site for information. :) stopthethyroidmadness.com/a...

Treating the adrenals is serious business and not to be taken lightly. You need good saliva test results to confirm the diagnosis and in order to see exactly what is going on and what you need. I have noticed that it seems the UK medical establishment barely acknowledges potential adrenal problems. That makes it almost impossible to find and work with a good doc on the problem, a doc who can monitor and dispense meds as/if needed.


Hi pheonix23002, thank you for such a helpful reply. As far as I can tell you are correct regarding UK Medics, they do not recognise adrenal fatigue, only adrenal exhaustion. You do need a prescription for hydrocortisone tabs, but I do know of a reputable place I can buy them if I decide to go that route.

I'm hoping that an endo in Jan will authorise an adrenal saliva test !!!

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Dr Wilson's Adrenal Dynamite (or dynamite adrenal, can't remember offhand) powder has helped me moderate stressy symptoms, balance the blood sugar dips and restore sleep. It was recommended by a Nutritionist in 2009.

It contains adrenal glandular and vitamins and minerals, and current Nutritionist has endorsed that I continue.

One scoop in morning is enough for my system, though 2 is recommended - which makes me a bit 'wired'.

(I have multi untreated hypothyroid symptoms because my blood says I'm 'normal' so adrenals have to pick up the slack all the time.)


Hi Agastache, thank you for the recommendation of Dr Wilson's Adrenal Dynamite. The cheapest I can find is £45 inc shipping from states from ebay, but too many negative feedbacks for me to take the risk. But still good to know what to try when I can.

Have you seen your blood test results, if not, insist on a copy for the last 5 or better still 10 years, for you to judge 'normal' yourself.

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Hi cc120 - Shipping from US can take 3 months and it could be exposed to high temps. (I ship from US regularly and have been for years - iHerb seems the slowest, PureFormulas speediest in under a week, tho' these are for other bits & pieces.)

I notice 'iHerb UK' has 300g for £31.29


but I guess they're shipping from US.

Thanks for asking about my bloods - I like your answer - am always in range, but T3 always lower end, so am going to fix my adrenals and then try for self-healing with thyroid glandulars - if it works for the adrenals (glandulars I mean) then it'll work for the thyroid, I figure. In the old days they just used to eat sheep thyroid gland - how they discovered the fix in the early days of endocrine science before the ascendancy of the holy and revered TSH.

But good luck to you.


Thank you Agastache.



Dr Peatfield told me to take Nuti Adrenal extra which I have found very useful indeed.he said that there should be a break from thyroxine for about two weeks and on day 10 start adrenal support and increase gradually to 3 or 4. When you have been on that for ten days then begin Natural thyroxine ( Nutri thyroid) increasing gradually to three

Good luck


Can I ask about Nutri Thyroid? Do you have any idea how much one capsules of those equals, compared to NDT? For instance, one capsule =+/ 30, 60 etc mg, or 1/2 or 1 grain, of NDT?


I'm really sorry, I don't have a clue,,so I can't help you.


Nutri thyroid doesn't have any thyroxine. I did see a chart once that suggested about 2 and a half times the amount of nt compared to ndt. That's just from memory, can't find the chart now, but if I do will post.

Interesting post on nutri thyroid thyroid-disease.org.uk/smf/...


Sue G, my understanding is that nutri thyroid doesn't have any thyroxine in it, and contains other extracts from the thyroid. Have we got our wires crossed?

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Thank you SueHG, I began on Nutri Adrenal Extra and stayed on them for a couple of weeks, before starting nutri thyroid for a couple of months. I found when I increased to 3 x 3 a day of NAE I was a bit hyper and couldn't sleep. so cut back to 1 a day. It's hard to say if I find them effective, as a couple of months later

I self-medicated with NDT (when people on healthunlocked said nutri meds not effective for them) and been on it for approx a year, but though have had improvements, still get easily fatigued and sleep for very long periods.


i am sure you are not on enough ndt , you are supposed to raise until symptoms improve, not using labs as a guide. Adrenals need enough thyroid hormone to work right.


Hi faith63, went up to 5 x 60mcg a day and felt very dizzy on that quantity, plus FT4 and FT3 went overrange.


are you talking about ndt? If so, Dr.Lowe, would have put you on t3 only, most likey. His patients went up to 5 grains, it if they had toxic signs, plus still hypo symptoms, he put them on t3 only. If you have hashi's, ndt can make you worse.


Hi faith63, I was thinking of going on T3 alone, have a good source too for Cytomel.

What are toxic signs?


it would be hyperthyroid signs..t4 toxicity.


I see thank you faith63, kind of jittery, and can't settle.


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