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Still no joy

Just been to docs for my test results and prescription

I've been on thyroid medication for 10 years now and finally, after getting a different doctor and seeing an endocrinologist, I was hoping that we was getting somewhere!

But no today I've been shot down in flames.

I was on levothyroxin, but after symptoms getting worse, was switched to eltroxin (after consultation with endo), iron tablets b12 injections and a corosol check! She has now stopped iron and folic as both are fine ( not that they were not bad to start always great when donating blood) and has now requested that I take 200mg of eltroxin as my t4 Tsh is at 9. Then she said the dreaded words " it's almost at the normal level of 10-24!"

I just want to scream at her.... she was going to try me on NDT when we first considered changing my medication. No now I'm back to square 1, on high dose of t4 only and nothing else!

Sorry for the long winded post but I needed to get it out there.

Now thinking I should find a supplier in U.K. of NDT and try and sort out myself

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You won't find NDT in the UK without a prescription. You can buy it online without prescription and self medicate. PM me if you want a source.


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