Help with results

Help with results

I've just had my latest Thyroid results. This was after my doctor reduced my ERFA because of a high FT3. I've now been on this lower dose for almost 10 days I tried to.raise back up but really struggled I posted about this before so I left it.

My results are quite bad now. I'm looking to increase again by 1/4 grain tomorrow as I will have to slowly again but looking for any other advice that you can give

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  • Blacksmile1978,

    The results are too small to read.

  • Sorry clutter

    TSH 2.51 ( 0.27-4.5)

    T4 10.3 (12.2-20)

    T3 3.1 (3.2-6.8)

    Vit D - 22(50-100)

    Iron 14.5 ( 6.6-22)

    Ferrtin 99 ( 13-150)

  • Blacksmile1978,

    FT4 is often low and below range when people are taking NDT but when adequately dosed TSH will usually be below 1.0 with FT3 >5.0. You do need to increase dose because FT3 is currently below range.

    VitD is sub optimal. If you are in the UK vitD is optimal around 100nmol/L. If you are in the USA 50-60ng/ml is optimal. I would supplement 10,000iu D3 daily for 2 months, then reduce to 5,000iu daily and retest end of April. Take vitD 4 hours away from NDT.

    Iron and ferritin look fine.

  • Thanks Clutter I'm currently on 1 grain do you think I can go to 1.5 or shall I do it in 1/4 increases to see how I get on

  • Blacksmile1978,

    As you've had trouble tolerating raising dose try 1/4 grain increase. You can increase by 1/4 grain every week or two until symptoms improve. I think you may need more than 1.5 grains.

  • I think I may need more too but I'll start with a 1/4 to start with . Thank you so much for your help I do appreciate it

  • Hi Clutter increased back to 1.5 been on this a week now. Feel awful tho, still waking up with pounding heart. Nausea Etc. I also can't seem to tolerate the iron or vit d supplements they make me feel very racy and anxious. I have blood test on Tuesday. I am thinking I should increase ERFA by another 1/4 but am also unsure as to whether to wait until my levels come in first.

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