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Blown my mind

Hi Everyone,

A positive post from me for once!!

So a week ago I posted about weight gain and how it's freaking me out and how I'm doing slimming world but I'm gaining.

You all advised me to stop.

So I did! I also cut out all sweeteners and used a little sugar in my coffee.

I've not gone wild, (well one day I have a total cheese festival) I've only had one or two bits of fruit a day (used to have 4 or 5) and I've just cooked 'normally' for all of us.

It's TOTALLY blown my mind but I've LOST 3 and 1/2 pounds this week!!

Thank you so so so much for your advice.

Do I just carry on now I wonder tho, do I just eat what I want and the weight will continue to fall off.

I've just had brown toast with butter and strawberry jam. It was amazing after 18 months of denying myself things like that.

Thank you!!


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What a lovely encouraging post, thanks for the positive feedback. It is always good to hear of a success. I did slimming world and had a similar experience. What I would say is, do not go mad, just take things as you are. For me, carbohydrates such as bread and sugar are alright if kept under control, and healthy fats such as butter are great. I read somewhere that if you want potatoes, new ones have less sugar and they are less fattening if combined with a little butter. We have been given all the wrong advice for years, with the result being an obesity epidemic, and for us thyroid sufferers that is even more damaging!


A good way of reducing the glycemic index of potatoes is to cook them completely, then put them in the fridge overnight. On the following day, you can eat them cold or reheat, your choice. The glycemic index is reduced because in the cooling process some of the starch is converted to resistant starch, which cannot be digested.


Brilliant well done you made me smile thank you!!

You said about sweetening have you tried honey if I feel I need it I just dip the top of a teaspoon in the jar if it's a flower honey you get the taste of that I really like it. The other day somebody said about coconut oil in a milky coffee I can only drink coconut milk I treud 1/4 teaspoon was lovely made it taste really creamy a real treat coconut oil is also good for constipation

Best wishes for good health and your continued weight loss

Ps forgot to say cheese is my downfall to but can you eat Gruyere or emmetal at least they have good microbes for your gut health although I'm milk intolerant I can eat those! I'm sure there's other cheeses made with unpasteurized milk but I'm not sure of those yet of course not to be eaten if pregnant


Thats brilliant news. well done you. I was sent to weight watchers by GP and I have been going 3 weeks to meetings and getting weighed, but I must confess.......sssshhh don't tell anyone....although I go to get weighed and have to stay for the meetings, I have been eating what I would normally but Ive added butter and full fat milk to my diet and eat less fruit. I have also started NDT 3 weeks ago. I have lost 4 ib. I have wasted 35 years following faddy diets only to regain or put weight on when the answer was to eat normally and sort out my nutrition and thyroid. I want to thank everyone on this site for the education they have given me and others. bless you. Thank you for your post and keep up the good work Mara.

hugs x


Great news on the weight loss Mara :-) I've tried Slimming World twice in the last two years since being hypo and struggled to lose weight. I think SW is fine if you are "normal" (although for a lot of people the emphasis seems to be on crap-Muller Lights, sugar free and low fat stuff etc) but didn't really do it for me. However, I lost 10lbs this year without even trying whilst eating 100000000s of calories (I was having a can of coconut milk every day!) which kind of proves the calories in calories out thing is a bit flawed.


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