Half a Pound to my first Stone!

Half a Pound to my first Stone!

For anyone who is interested, I now only have a half a pound to get to my first stone weight loss.  It's been slow but then I do like to socialise!  I'm making sure I have breakfast but mostly it's fruit and Mullerlight yoghurt.  Lunch is usually a salad or leftover dinner from the night before and for dinner my plate always has one third protein, one third starch (pasta, potatoes,rice) and one third salad or non starchy veg. 

I do have a drinkypoos on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (one or two glasses of red wine) and I use my sins for gravy, olive oil, icecream or sauces.  I've completely cut out cakes and biscuits but do have an Alpen Bar or similar once a day when I get home from work.

I used to get very depressed when I only lost half a pound or stayed the same or put on but I had a word with myself in the New Year and said, "As long as it's going down generally and I'm having a good time and I'm not hungry, stop being so silly!"  It's working too!  I should have a word with myself more often. :-)

Anyway, I just thought my weight loss journey might help someone else.  Hope I've not bored you.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Lyn Mynott, CEO, Thyroid UK

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  • Congrats, it is better if it comes off slowly, mine has, exercise, diet and of course my thyroid medication slowly but surely it is going down, plus new hair and eyebrows.   MaryF x

  • Well done!  Keep it up!!  You can do it!!!

  • Well done Lyn - it's a great achievement.

  • Well done to you. When I used to go to WW I was more than happy to stay the same weight and half a pound was wonderful in fact anything that wasn't a gain was great, so keep going. 

    Weigh out a stone in potatoes or something like that and when you actually 'feel' a stone you'll be amazed - in fact put it all in a backpack and wear it for a while then you'll see how much weight you are now not carrying around.

  • Well done Lyn......You look great and must over the moon with your progress. Keep going! X

  • Congrats Lyn.

    It's lovely to hear your diet is working- and allows for the odd treat too!

    Keep it up- and what a lovely photo. :-)


  • Good for you, Hope it continues, sounds like a healthy attitude to me, thanks for sharing and inspiring :))

  • Hi Lyn

    Well done, really glad it's working for you


  • You do realise that Muller pay under the rate for milk?

  • Good on you!

  • Very well done. Unfortunately since my 2nd child 16 years ago, nothing long term has worked for me until now. Put on well over 2st since being diagnosed. I was beginning to despair but then got told about the South Beach Diet (the book can be bought from Amazon). It really does work, I've now lost 11 lbs which for me us a miracle. I just thought I would share this to give others hope. X

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