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Is it a coincidence and update

Hi all again, well I've been on my new vitamins b,c,d iron and tiny dose of t3. (Gives me major headaches if I up the dose, even at a different time in the day spaced out) etc for a good few months now and I have to say the difference is nothing short of a modern day miracle. Ok maybe that's a teeny exaggeration but compared to how I was feeling, I tell you I couldn't even climb the stairs without my legs burning with pain!

So a big thank you to all you guys that helped me start my journey to 'normality'(whatever that is!)

After a short time I pushed myself and started swimming mon-fri every week (desperate to lose weight) went totally gluten free and dairy free. After 7 weeks I had gone from swimming 2 lengths to 24-30 a day. I lost a couple of inches on my waist and thigh and hips 😄 But no loss in weight at all. 😰Also I still struggled with being tired especially after doc reduced my levo by 25mcg.

So I decided to add back in the missing 25mcg a day back in. Now this is the part I'm not sure if it's coincidence or what. After 2 weeks on my added levo I have suddenly lost 1.5lb and can actually wake up and get up in the mornings without a set of 6,7 or even 8 snooze pushes on my alarm! So what do you guys think?

I'm also really keen to hear from anyone who has struggled to get rid of their thyroid weight and how they managed to lose it!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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I think that as you are now feeling so much better and added back in the reduced levo that it has been sufficient to raise your metabolism and lift your FT3 plus all the other vits/minerals. We always need an optimum of thyroid hormones and its a pity doctors are fixated on the point of where the blood test rests instead of concentrating on relieving clinical symptoms by raising hormones sufficiently to do so.

I am happy you now feel so much better and it is great when you feel life returning to our body. As well, being able to raise your swimming lengths is wonderful :)


Well done Scoobylou!

Muscle is heavier than fat, hence the lost inches & same weight.

For a few years before I started self-medicating, I did restrictive eating with a clean food diet, which seemed the only thing to help stop my weight worsening. I ate all the wrong things, though, having gone from veggie to vegan: soya every day, often two or three times, & lots of raw cruciferous veg. I should've looked like a whippet on 1000 calories of tofu & veg a day. During two, three day holidays, I put on 10lbs each time from eating "normally".

I still usually stop eating before 7, & don't start till after 11am, which leaves plenty of time for NDT/T3 to digest. I've now lost a stone, but eat about 1800 calories a day. If I eat more when I've been away, I don't gain weight as easily as before, but an excess drops off again in a few weeks.

I've gone back to eating dairy. A little milk, yoghurt & cheese, plus a large glass of organic kefir, which is high in B12 & K2 as well as probotics. This has made my digestion less eratic. I eat a lot of fat, mainly nuts, also sugar from fruit, but no longer have to worry about avoiding starch.

Chris Kresser has a lot of good dietary advice. Here's one of his free articles:



Congratulations on your weight loss, that's amazing. Thank you for the link I will take a look. I have found since having my gallbladder out at Christmas last year I can't tolerate dairy so can't see me going back onto that to be honest. I did think that about the muscle, that's what kept the motivation going to be honest. On the diet front I don't starve myself or go hungry, i have found that just does not work for me plus it makes me miserable! I cook everything from fresh including cake and biscuits ( life is just too short not to have a slice of cake on a Sunday afternoon) I don't have sugar apart from anything that goes into baking and if I snack it is fruit so although I'm not having a super low calorie diet, the calories I do have are on the whole good ones.



You might find you're alright with fermented dairy. One of CK's links is about kefir:

Sunday cake is good, but it's getting between me & gluten free! :-/

I've tried baking with stevia, & fruit purees, both are tasty. Beetroot makes a good alternative to carrot cake, & looses it's earthy taste.


I have found the best gluten free cook book and baking book and just replace the raw sugar as you do. I also find ground coconut good too. I will pm you the book as I'm not sure if I can name it on here. My grandson is gluten intolerant and here is here most days so now everyone eats gluten free, it's just easier in the end.


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