how can I see my blood test results?

Hello all,

I'm new here. I've been diagnosed as hypothyroid sufferer since I was in my 30s (now 49)...but I was only ever prescribed levothyroxine (which I understand is T4?) up to 125 mg now.

In the past year or so, I've been feeling increasingly weak, achey, weepy, exhausted, always tired...not myself. And yes, I've been steadily gaining weight, and no, I don't eat excessively or badly. I used to exercise more, but I don't anymore, I just don't have the energy to do it. One hour gentle walk leaves me exhausted and in need of a three hour nap :( and yes, my brain is only half functioning.

I would like to see my test results, and possibly for the last couple of years, not just the latest ones, because I have no idea what they are testing me for (just TSH?)

How do you go about that? Many thanks for any help, advice :)

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  • silbar You ask your surgery. You are legally entitled to copies of all your test results under the Data Protection Act 1998, they can't refuse. They may have to get the GP's permission and may make a small charge for printing the most recent results. I think for older results they are entitled to charge a maximum of £10. And I believe you can ask for a copy of your complete record and the charge for that is something like £40.

    Some surgeries have online access to records/results. Mine doesn't, I think NHS Wales is way behind NHS England.

  • Oh, brilliant, thank you so much for your help. I hope at least by knowing my results I can take some control of this situation. Most don't believe me when I say how poorly I feel, and is starting to really affect me.

    Thank you so much, yours is the first help in a long time :)

  • If you need any help with understanding them once you've got them, just make a new thread, list the results with the reference ranges, and as much info as possible (Levo dose, etc) and members will comment :)

  • SeasideSusie the cost of getting a copy of a complete set of GP notes in any and all formats they exist is currently £50.

    For a copy of a complete set of notes that exist in electronic format only the cost is £10. So, if there are any letters that haven't been scanned in (for example) then they won't be included.

  • Thanks humanbean I wasn't sure.

  • Hi there

    My surgery charges for printing the old ones out but emailed them to me for free.

    You may want to think about being tested for the Dio2 gene snp (link on the thyroid UK website). You do have to pay for it but if you are positive for it then you know you need t3 and can use it to justify getting it

    Good luck

  • I'll look into it, thank you :)

  • My GP has an online system called PatientAccess. On a tablet or computer, once registered, you can see all your test results and any future appointments you have booked. The earliest test results I can see are in the year 2000. For most tests you can also see a graph of all the results. Free, interesting and if you see improvements in your results, that can motivate you to improve your health (according to the test results). It also saves phoning in after regular tests. I'm diabetic so get blood tests every 6 months for blood glucose, thyroid, lipids etc

  • Unfortunately not all the GPS show blood tests on the patient access . Mine only shows appointments and repeat prescriptions . I always get a print out from the surgery each time I have blood tests and they don't charge me . They all seem to be different.

  • Thanks for explaining that different GPs will store differing amounts of data on patient tests and hence have differing availability. I always asked for a printout before the online system was available and they never charged. I also keep my own spreadsheets based on the results and draw graphs etc (yes I am a bit sad or nerdy!). The GP was very grateful when I pointed out that one set of test results wasn't mine and they were able to find the correct patient this time!

  • It is possible that you are one of those who finds it hard to convert T4 into the active T3which gives you energy. Given what u say, it is highly likely. You will probably have to get a set of private tests, including T3, which the nhs generally don't test for, to check this. Then u would consider adding some ndt or t3 into your medication.

    But start by putting up yr latest results with ranges and you will be helped by the wealth of experienced members here.

  • Hi Silbar, I believe that now all surgeries in England are supposed to allow access to online appointment booking and test results (having just sorted this out for myself). The surgery tried hard to fob me off but I checked the NHS site and after months of getting nowhere, I put my request in writing as they have to allow access within 2 weeks and hey presto in a few days I was online.

    I didn't ask for access to my notes, because I didn't want to alert them that I'd be looking and have access blocked, I just asked to book online but in fact I can do all sorts, including see my past blood tests and my records right back to 2005.

    Putting the request in writing seems to be the answer. Best of luck in your journey back to wellness.

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