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New here . Feeling of lump in throat hypothyroidism . (Somerset)

Hi I was diagnosed as 3 years ago . I was on 200 Mcg thyroxine reduced last year to 175 and last week reduced to 150 because I was taking too much . Just before they reduced it I started getting the feeling of a lump in my throat when swallowing the more I seem to swallow the worse it seems to get is this normal

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Hi Charlie, welcome to the forum.

Who said you were taking too much? Did you have hyper symptoms? Or did your doctor just think your TSH was too low? Sounds as if you're now not on enough, because the lump in your throat could be your swollen thyroid gland.

Do you have copies of your blood test results, so that we can see what's going on? If so, post them on here. With the ranges, of course. :)


I had my yearly blood test and was told I was taking to much and to lower it to 150 and re test in 6 weeks the lump feeling was there slightly before I had my results but it's worse than ever and I'm only 4 days in on the new lower dose . I had been losing weight sensive to heat mood swings etc but not particularly feeling the tiredness.

Don't know what the levels are as my doctors never tell me .


Go to the surgery and ask for a print-out of your latest blood test results.

Many doctors make a huge misake in adjusting doses (lowering) just because of the TSH result. This doesn't bode well for us unless we have clear hyper symptoms, i.e. too fast a pulse, very hot etc.

Make sure the ranges are stated. Also a couple of hints:-

When blood tests are due the appointment has to be the very earliest possible and fasting (you can drink water). Also leave approx 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the blood test and take it afterwards.

If doctor hasn't checked your B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. Make an appointment and tell your doctor you don't feel well and the lump in your throat is annoying, since your dose has been reduced by 50mcg and you would also like the minerals/vitamins tested at the same time to make sure these aren't causing a problem if you are deficient. Also ask doctor to check your Free T4 and Free T3 (important but don't usually do them) you can, if you can afford it get these two tested by a Private Lab and we have details.

Post results of your blood tests on a new post with the ranges.


Yes, that's what I thought. They were only looking at the TSH. Doctors are so ignorant about thyroid, we have to learn for ourselves, and resist attempts to lower our doses, solely on the basis of a low TSH.

It is your legal right to have a copy of your results, under the 1998 Data Protection Act. But, doctors will never just give them to you - most doctors prefer you don't know. You have to ask for them. It's a habit to get into, every time you have a blood test.


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