Hair Loss, should I add t3?

I am suffering major hair loss. I am on WP Thyroid (65) and recently went back for blood work.

T4 - 1.27 (0.82-1.77)

Reverse T3 - 18.1 (9.2-24.1)

TSH - (1.270 - (0.450-4.500)

Dr. suggested adding cytomel. I am concerned if it helps with hair loss/regrowth or if it may cause additional hair loss.

If anyone has any insights or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I see from your earlier post you have high ferritin, so it's not low ferritin that's the cause. What was your actual FT3 result? How well are you converting?

  • Hello there! T3 reaaly helped me! You can look at my profile picture.

  • I've been taking Cytomel (T3) for 6 months and can see my hair is starting to grow back. I'm resistant to my thyroid hormones and was converting into RT3 leaving me feeling continually hypothyroid and with hair loss. Levothyroxine was all my GP would offer, on Levo my hair started to get brittle and the fall out was rapid. My iron results have always been good but I know low iron, ferritin can be a cause. Along with the Cytomel I now add Magnesium, B12, B complex, K2, D3 and 5000 Biotin daily. I think Biotin helps a lot.

  • Without knowing what your current Free T3 (FT3) is, its difficult to say whether it might help. However its quite telling that your TSH is not suppressed, normally it is if you are on optimal NDT or T3. So my guess is that your Free T3 is not optimal or your TSH would be much lower.

    To be honest, in your situation I would just increase the WP Thyroid, and retest after a couple of weeks including FT3. You want your FT3 to be towards the top end of the range - certainly above 3/4 of the way up. There seems little point in adding something different until you've tried increasing the medication we know suits you!

    And while you are about it, I'd suggest you get B12 tested too.

    You can feel new hair growing through very quickly - except even though my hairdresser has shown me, I still cannot feel it. But your hairdresser should be able to tell.

    I'm not a doctor, but I am a long term self-medicator with NDT. I go largely by how I feel, and then get tested to make sure I'm Ok!

  • You have given reverse T3 but not free T3. What's your free T3?

  • Just found the t3 level on the blood work.

    It is 2.0 - (2.0-4.4)

  • Aha. That is definitely rather low.

    You're only on 1 grain of NDT. That's a very low dose. I think it's simply that you need to be on more of it!

    Would your doctor be amenable to you raising your dose by half a grain? It might be that ultimately you need 2+ grains but you have to take increases slowly.

    There's plenty of room for improvement with those blood results. Often, those on NDT have suppressed TSHs. Mine for example (I take 3 grains currently) is rather close to zero, yet my FT3 isn't at the top of its range and my FT4 towards the lower end of its range.

  • I will ask but won't see him again for a month.

    Would you suggest I add the cytomel?

    This is all new to me and I am so depressed over the hair loss.

  • You could, but as Ruthi said, why add something new when an increase in WP might do the trick? Could you phone him?

  • I like the Cytomel idea. I'd be jumping if the doctor were offering it. Doesn't seem like you're converting too well...

    And why is your ferritin high? That could be trouble... what does the doc say? Too much iron? Too little B6? Inflammation?

  • FYI I lost so much hair on WP is listed as a side effect...I'm so angry as I ended looking like a chemo patient! T3 definitely helps...I'm now on compounded porcine thyroid and T3

  • Did it help with regrowth? If so, how long did it take?

    How long were you on WP? Is the compounded helping with the hair loss?

  • T3 helped my hair come back and even a good dose of levo w t3/t4 high in range was useless hair-wise. I ended up growing it out long I was so pleased w how well it grew in.

    Considering how high your t4 is and how miserable your t3 is I'd give t3 a go. It looks like you're not converting well.

  • Thanks so much for the reply. Can you tell me how long it took for you to see regrowth?

  • Hard to say. Started to come back quickly I think but took some time for it to get long enough to see. It was v wispy in a kind of halo much shorter than the rest of my hair, but it had to get maybe 2" long before I could see it clearly. So I'd imagine you should see some progress a month or two after being on the right dose, if it is low t3 that's responsible.

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