Anyone taking vit c to support adrenals? And/or info on probiotics?

May I ask how much vit c you're taking and at what intervals? And in combination w what other supplements?

Also looking for a scientifically-proven probiotic - not just a personal recommendation but proof of potency if you see what I mean - if anyone can recommend some reading material. I've done so much reading I've got into a muddle about it tbh.

Many thanks!

(Edited from earlier brain malfunction asking about t3 and adrenals. D'oh!)

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  • Many thanks.

  • You might find this useful as background reading on probiotics :

    I will admit I haven't actually read it - it's on my list of things to do.

  • And more on the same theme :

  • Thanks, great reading. Just what I wanted.

    Now (and this is where I always get hung up) I just need to find out what brand is proven to have robust and effective live bacteria. So much of what I read about actual in-the-world probiotic products says most of them are duds. But I'm also reading that probiotics being given to hospital patients are also ineffectual and then I stop reading and end up back at square one. :-)

    As much as I love yogurt, it seems to give me sinus infections, which is counter to the immunity boost I'm looking for. :-)

  • If I'm honest just the thought of it all makes me feel queasy. I'm onboard for sourdough bread and I cook all my own fresh food but my appetite even for that is not what it used to be and I'm away so much right now I don't see it happening. Down the road maybe. But for now I need more of a soft opening. :-)

  • Kefir esp from goats milk uses up most of the lactose so worth a try. Home made (ie real) yoghurt from goat or organic raw jersey milk might be OK (to with different sugars and protensin in the milk). Otherwise Pro X10 (which you have to import from US) is great. Or try Saccharomyces boulardii, which is not a lactobacillus (obviously) but a yeast.

  • What about foods or did you want supplements? Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kombucha?

  • I'd prefer to use supplements really.

  • Dont blame you!

  • puncturedbicycle After four months on Symprove I could not honestly recommend them. They did nothing for me. I am as interested as you to find some that are good and preferably not too expensive. Also tried Kefir, but that did not seem to make any difference. I am taking 500 mg Vitamin C, once a day at lunchtime.

  • Interesting, Symprove was the one that is meant to have the best numbers and useable bacteria (ie they survive the gut environment and are stable). I think it is just so complex, just like you may use one antibiotic to treat on infection and a different one to treat something else I do wonder if it depends on what's wrong w you.

    I'm interested in what I read about the effect of the microbiome on mental health. It's amazing to me. But that is a different spectrum of bacteria than you might need for, say ibs.

    Thanks so much for your reply.

  • Fully agree with you puncturedbicycle, maybe it depends on what one you need. Really I think it all depends on what Levo I am on and at the moment I can't find one that suits me and clears my skin. I have been told that Eltroxin is coming back on the market, but as it is now under the auspices of Mercury Pharma, will it be as good as when it was marketed by Goldshield? Toying with the idea of trying it, but am frightened it will make my skin break out in the sticky spots again, plus how it made me feel as though something was building up in my body. Have not had a good tasting mouth since I was changed in 2010.

  • Once something like that happens to you it is hard to go back and try again I agree, and you kind of think why on earth should I?? You know it doesn't agree w you and it seems bonkers that these are the choices presented to you: stay ill or get ill in a different way.

  • Found this, but haven't read through the 'trial' info

  • A long read, but very interesting

  • Goodo, many thanks. Will have a look at both.

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