Info on PPI's anyone?

Hi all,

Just come back from my "ultimate camera exprience" as I like to call it - colonoscopy and gastroscopy - and all seems well except for a minute polyp and, apparently, to much stomach acid!!!!! which I found strange as hypo patients normally have to little stomach acid, and this is causing inflamation so a course of PPI's will be given to me by my GP.

Did see, but unfortunately didn't reading, a post on here a while back about the drawbacks of PPI's but, thanks to the site playing up recently, can no longer find it.

Anyone got any experience, and advice, of the above please.

Moggie x

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This should give you a good overview of the drawbacks to PPIs.

Thank you - will have a read.

Moggie x

when I had the exactly the same procedure as you ....... I came away with a 'still life photo 'taken at the time I could show anyone what a REAL A++S++E LOOKS LIKE ......... it really does make up for the discomfort ==== im still giggling at times .....just think ' if nothing was found to be abnormal ' YOU DONT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT THAT least a small polyip can be sorted easily .... <<<hugs >>> xx's and thoughts ....alan xx

Thanks Alan - and a smile thrown in as well.

Moggie x

Hi Moggie

I am glad it went well and nothing sinister found. It is a surprise, though, too much acid!

I know - maybe I have always had to much acid (going on previous symptoms) which have reduced since being hypo but not enough. Could I have accidently found something that hypo can help!!!!!!

Moggie x

Glad you got through it all and nothing nasty was found

Thank you.

Moggie x

I'm pleased nothing to nasty was found. I hope the PPI doesn't cause you any problems. Remember to get your magnesium checked every year. It's not an accurate test as most is stored in tissues but it can give an indication. If you are not already taking magnesium you may want to consider it. Hippie you feel better soon!

Carolyn x

I'm only have a short course Carolyn but reading these answers is putting me right off. I will obviously do my own research and make a decision after I have thoroughly researched.

Thanks for the input - what is the connection with mangensium and stomach acid please.

Moggie x

hi,, I'm on the ppi... they can..but rarely..cause lowering of magnesium in body. the advice is to have blood test after being on a while . I've been on since summer and just had test other day. all fine . did they see to much acid or what they believed to be evidence of too much ? are you getting any symptoms ? heart burn, pain etc ? I've found my levo aggravates stomach .

I think she saw evidence of too much acid as the said my stomach was inflamed - the exact words on the report is "minimal gastritis" and I also have a "sliding hiatus hernia" whatever that is. She has adviced my GP to prescribe an 8 week course of ppi.

Thanks for the input and am I right in saying that you are getting alone fine on your ppi?

Moggie x

well I'm getting along with them but it's a love hate I'm finding lot of people complaining of stomach issues ,, maybe the levo ? gastritis can become very painful if not treated and can then lead to ulcer so I'd deff heed their advice. I tried the natural route and didn't work for me. if it is caused by your meds then don't be shocked if you need a maintenance dose after the 8 weeks.

I used to have really bad acid issues, pain in my back and chest and acid refux which did mean I was in a lot of pain at times, before I was hypo but they seem to have gotten a lot better over the last couple of years and I hardly get any symptoms as all now so I am a bit confused.

Will have a chat to my GP and see what she advices as she is a very good doctor.

Thanks for the info and Rod's link is very interesting

Moggie x

It's too do with absorption because of the suppression of acid. Low magnesium can cause problems with heart function but can be rectified with magnesium supplements. I'm not sure of the details and I'm on my phone but I will try and find you a link :)

This link has a few details. Found out how to copy and paste on my phone :)

Thanks Carolyn - after reading some of the links and listening to others I dont think I will be taking up the gastro's kind offer.

Moggie s

You may be fine on a short course. The hiatus hernia is probably causing the issue. Maybe a short course may help. Long term can cause issues though. My dad takes them and has a regular magnesium check. He can't stop taking them because he has Barratt's oesophagus.

You can always stop if you experience problems. There are alternatives if you really don't get on with them.

Carolyn x

....Hi Moggie - how did they decide you had too much acid ? How can TOO much be defined ? We need acid to break down proteins etc before they pass into the duodenum - a bit like we need cholesterol for the hormonal work it has to's there for a reason. PPI's may well block the acid completely - and what then ?..and what does NaamiSue have to say about all this ? :-) Personally I would head for the acid/alkaline list of foods on the net somewhere and stick to mostly alkaline foods for a while and see what happens. Sorry Moggie cannot remember your symptoms that took you down this pleased for you that there is nothing to worry about. Have a drink of hot lemon in the morning - it's alkaline !...

M x

Fun way to spend Saturday, NOT. Ive only heard horror stories about PPI's, particularly Omeprazole, leading to permanent low acid and gut problems. Yet to hear anything positive, but that may be the nature of drug therapies.

A dash of raw apple cider vinegar in water, sweetened with honey or fruit juice, plus ¼tsp to ½tsp bicarbonate of soda before meals was recommended to me.

Thanks for that and will look into the apple cider vinegar drink as it sounds a lot nicer that taking more drugs.

Moggie x

Thanks for the advice clutter! I have been having horrid acid trouble & have been racking my brain trying to figure out why

Don't know if I'm happy or not too find it is just another symptom of being hypo :-/

My partner just got out of the shower & showed me a big clump of my hair that I left behind after washing my hair

If it keeps up I will be bald soon

She came to the conclusion of to much acid because of inflamation in the gut which, according to my consultant (who was doing the procedure) is being caused by the acid and can cause absorption

problems - hence the low iron, low vitd and low B12.

Haven't had Sue's input yet as she is a working woman now bt knowing Sue I'm sure she will let her views be

It was my endo who sent me to the gastro due to the low iron. Apparently it will only be a short course of PPI's.

Thanks for your reply Marz - as always very helpful.

Moggie x

....sorry to be a pain Moggie - is the inflammation in the stomach or the gut ? Glad to hear it will only be a short course if you do decide to go that route. Take good care and happy researching......:-)

O Marz I didn't even know there was a difference - I am a complete novice on this subject so will have to have a good read. It wasn't the consultant that gave me this news but the nurse (along with a huge list of normals - thank god) so I suppose I will have to wait until the consultant writes to me but I will be talking to my GP about natural remedies and not PPI's, however short the course. Would it make a difference where the high levels are found? (gut or stomach) - sorry Marz for the questions.

I would rather take apple cider vinegar than drugs but from what I have just been reading its low acid, not high, that can cause absorption issues so am getting a bot confused.

Moggie x

Have a feeling it will be stomach acid levels - the gut is the large and small intestine - 25 feet of it - for those who still have it all ! ( have lost loads of mine ! )....but am still concerned how stomach acid levels can affect inflammation in the gut. The stomach is before the duodenum and where the food first lands after swallowing. Digestion continues there with the help of acids before it passes into the duodenum/gut.....

I think you need to ask where the inflammation is located and how was the acid measured ? I think they may be assuming that the acid is causing the inflammation. You can buy PH - tapers from the chemist that will measure your PH levels from saliva - or is it urine ? - think it should be about 7.5....that will tell you whether you are acid or alkaline. Sorry am in the UK so away from sources of information/books etc. and only have an Inbox and Sent Box on my computer !!

Am more inclined to think the thyroid is involved in all this as the level of T3 receptors in the gut lining are second only to the brain I believe......

Keep smiling and all will be resolved.....xx

Thanks Marz - will invest in some papers after christmas and see what they say and then change my diet accordingly as I dont think I like the sound of PPI's very much.

If we dont speak before - have a really wonderful christmas and a very healthy new year.

Moggie x

I had an endoscopy a few years ago and was told I had gastritis. I was on ranitidine, and later went on to lansoprazole then omeprazole, then back to ranitidine. It took me ages to finally come off them. One thing I am convinced was a major benefit to me was taking psyllium seed husk twice a day (with lots and lots of water!)

One thing you could try if you get indigestion is Slippery Elm capsules. I still get indigestion late at night sometimes, particularly if I have forgotten my betaine hydrochloride tablets during my evening meal. (I suffer from too little acid and have to supplement.) I find that two slippery elm capsules works a treat for me.

I buy these ones but there must be loads of other brands available :

One thing to be aware of is that proton pump inhibitors are addictive, so stay on them for the shortest possible time.

Thanks very much for that but I dont think I am going to take it. I am going to talk to my GP about diet instead. I havve just found a copy of my results and it says minimal gastritis BUT it also says I have a slidingb (whatever that is) hiatus hernia so will again be discussing this with my GP.

Will also look at the links you have kindly posted for me.

Moggie x

This is a link from Dr Mercola.

Thanks Shaws.

Moggie x

Of interest?

Low Magnesium when taking Proton Pump Inhibitors AND Diuretics

And you may be interested in this Russian paper - which I have quoted before here:

Klin Med (Mosk). 2006;84(2):71-4.

[Hiatus hernia and gastroesophageal reflux disease as a manifestation of a newly revealed hypothyroidism].

[Article in Russian]

Savina LV, Semenikhina TM, Korochanskaia NV, Klitinskaia IS, Iakovenko MS.


The aim of the study was to reveal hypothyroidism (HT) in patients with hiatus hernia (HH), treated at Russian Centre of Functional Surgical Gastroenterology. The subjects were 64 women: 18--with HH and diffuse or diffuse nodular goiter, 36--with HH, and 10--without endocrine or somatic disease background. The examination included the evaluation of the thyroid and metabolic status, endoscopy, and 24-hour ph-metry. The results show that one of the early signs of HT is HH and gastroesophageal reflux disease. The latter in HT patients is associated with gastrointestinal motor-evacuatory disturbances rather than with acid exposition in the distal esophagus.

PMID: 16613012 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Wish the whole paper were available in a decent English translation!

Hiatus hernia and related issues around the effectiveness of the lower oesophageal sphincter seem to be behind many acid reflux issues in hypothyroidism.

All too often the issue is NOT the production of excessive amounts of acids - for which PPIs and other medicines may have their places. Indeed, insufficient acidity seems to be implicated.


Clever old you - I mentioned nothing about my hiatus hernia until a few moments ago to Ianessex. So what you are saying is that this is all thyroid related and yet another bloody symptom on thryoid illness. I dont even know what a "sliding hiatus hernia" is.

Thanks for the info and will be looking imto things before I take any sort of ppi for this.

Moggie x

.....think its the muscle weakness again. The sphincter is supposed to stop food returning from the stomach back up into the when the muscle is weak then the sphincter cannot do its job. Muscles need T3 including he heart - another muscle !

Glad you are looking into thngs ....

M x

Thanks Marz - I did google "Hiatas Hernia" and got a really good article which explained it thoroughly and also warned about ppi's so dont think I will go down that route. It also said a vast number of over 50's will have one which is undiagnosed and also that being over weight can also cause them (that's two in my favour - not), add in the hypo link and the odds where stacked against me.

Thanks for the info.

Moggie x

"There is mounting evidence that PPIs are associated with serious adverse effects. Practitioners should be vigilant and counsel patients accordingly."

An excellent series of articles, worth reading through in order:

Thanks for the links Hampster I will have a good read later when the grandchildren have gone home - putting up the christmas tree today, and I can tell you thats a mission with a ten year old, two five years olds and a one year old, I must be totally mad!!!!!

Moggie x

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