Going to see Gp on friday and need some info please

I was wondering what is the reason ( the real reason) why GP's are so against to prescribe T3 or Natural Thyroid remedies? I am a TT patient and for some odd reason on 50mcg per day. My argument against the Levothyroxin is that since July my cholestrol has shot up to 6.1 ( previously 5.5) and I have a blurry vision in my eyes. Doesn't this show that Levo is not good for me ? With any other medication doctor would become alarmed and ask to stop taking medication if a person starts to have blurred vision ..yes/no? I am damn sure they would. I am NOT going to leave this matter alone as I think we all deserve the right medication for our problem. I have printed material kindly provided by Administrator Shawn and going to give this as a bed time reading for him. He is a kind and good man ( my doctor ) But obviously not so informed about thyroid issues. Its just so frusturating that there are medicines which are good but not given to people who need them.

Many thanks


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  • I would have thought that an increase in your thyroxine would be an excellent start. I can't believe that you are on such a low dose.

  • It's such a pity, unfortunately, that the British Thyroid Association's provide guidelines which the GP's mostly conform too and which Dr Lowe said were False Statements.


    There is no question of believing that many of us remain extremely unwell on levo. Dr Skinner, too, was most concerned that he started the World Thyroid Register as he said he was afraid of the parlous situation patients were placed in (or words to that effect) due to the guidelines and that people who had clinical symptoms (which before the blood tests were treated and prescribed NDT) now had to wait till the TSH reached 10 before treatment. Thankfully, lots of doctors will prescribe before that.

    Cursor down to read another quote I made earlier from Dr Lowe :-


  • Big Pharma

  • The reason GP's and endo's seem to dislike giving people T3 is due to the effects it can have on the heart. As my endo explained - "when you take T3 is gives the heart an instant hit of thyroid hormone which last an hour or two and then is gone and for this reason I only give T3 when absolutely necessary as this yo-yo effect that T3 gives the heart can cause problems" - he then added "which you well know" beause unfortunately this is exactly what happened to me.

    The reasoning behind my endo's dislike of NDT was that "at any one given moment I would not know how much T3 or T4 my patients were on if I gave then NDT and because of its unstable nature it is hard to control a thyroid patients conditions when on NDT".

    Whether my endo is right or wrong is beside the point because your question of "what is the reason why doctors are against prescribing T3 or NDT" is answered by my, and many other, endo's attitude and believe it or not he is a very good endo and has, unfortunately, proved his point as far as T3 goes with me.

    Moggie x

  • Ok Moggie , that answers my question, as I am on beta blockes ( mildest one per night ) I doubt T3 is given to me then . Maybe I am impatient as my husband sternly told me that last night . I do think Levo should be raised though and thats what I am going to ask tomorrow. I don't feel bad and I am lucky that I don't have these horrible symptoms so many here suffer nor have I put on any weight either. But looking back now I think I should have been on medication many years ago and maybe I just survive on a low dose as it is. Some need massive amounts to feel good and someone like me with no thyroids at all can function with much smaller amount but saying that 50mcg is too low in my opinion and my eyes are suffering now. Many thanks :o)

  • I definitely think you need a big increase, at least to 100. I left hospital on 125 mcg after TT, so I cannot imagine why you are only on 50. Your thyroid levels must be very low and TSH very high. Do go back to your endo or GP and ask for a trial increase. I hope he listens.

  • My TSH was 0.21 and T4 14.8 September results were TSH 0.43 and T4 17.5 ..what I don't understand that they take TSH which is supposed to stimulate the thyroid gland but I have no thyroids to stimulate? Wouldn't T3 test be more appropriate?

  • I'm another on50 msgs tt 2007 started off on 125mcgs then reduced to eventually 50 3.5 years ago bout to have private blood tests done x

  • I'm surprised at your low dose, too, and not, therefore, surprised you're struggling.

    My nice trainee GP told me lack of random control trials and evidence is the reason our CCG has prohibited T3. I think the astronomical cost NHS is charged has rather a lot to do with it.

    All power to your elbow in persuading your GP that T3 &/or NDT should be on the meds menu.

  • I also think that maybe your levo is to low ,i know when i had my TT the endo told me i would need a minimum of 100 mcg per day ,in my own experience the gp keep me on a high TSH level ,Ask for all your blood results i got mind from 2009 and was amazed ,

  • I left hospital after tt on 100 a day. At next blood text my tsh was over 30 the dr phoned and said take 200 a day and I've been on that for about 4 years now . I think your dose sounds very low.

  • Thanks for your comments , all taken in and discussing this with my GP tomorrow , thanks again you great lot xxx

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