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Help Feeling Overwhelmed

Hello Everyone,

Posting as not sure where to go or what to do next.

I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for about 18 months, was discovered when my daughter was just about to turn one. I had pre-eclampsia with her and am learning that the two are linked although I suspect my thyroid has been protesting since teenage time.

In the last 18 months ish I have had three episodes of extreme fatigue where I have been hopeless:

1st time was post long bike ride - not haven ridden a bike for 15 years - GP at the time said I was probably still getting used to thyroid medication etc and that it can take a year for thyroid to stabilise. He checked my bloods and said all was fine and that exercise even extreme wouldn't effect the thyroid.

2nd period was after a week long work course that was intense, away from home with my toddler and MIL in tow to cope. Saw a kinesiologist afterwards who at the time I felt had cured me although she didn't think diet was relevant and although I liked her at the time I haven't rushed back - she did say she wouldn't need to see me again.

3rd episode was a few weeks ago. Triggered possibly by stress (pattern forming....) I think I had been over doing things including work and home and in a tired state got a bit too busy on the internet and ended up panicking that I didn't have our home and family prepped for nuclear disaster - at the time it felt very scary and a real threat post Trump. I was cursing my lack of wind up torches!!!!

Both episodes 2 and 3 resulted in missing work. Basic processing is shot - didn't feel safe driving, walked put in front of a car accidentally, kept forgetting super basic things like breakfast and became super ranty with husband which is how in part it got diagnosed in the first instance.

When I was first diagnosed I looked into diet changes got so confused by no broccoli and no sugar, caffeine dairy and/grains and beans that I decided to just stick to the thyroxine initially and see how I got on. I take 75 mg daily in the morning.

My coffee reliance is increasing where I used to on occasion have one cup I have become a regular two cups a day girl looking forward to that cup and counting down the time. Pre last blip was having about 4 a day.

Seeing GP tomorrow who has refused so far to send me to an endo as my bloods are normal .... regardless I cannot live with the threat of this possible crash living over me without reasons and preventative steps.

I've tried gluten free initial results were good then back to normal and then gave up but probably didn't give it more than 6 week trial so poss hopeless.

I find the world of supplements crazy expensive but mind boogling what on earth do you take first/prioritise. Diet posts are so confusing. more than happy to read and learn but want to avoid the crazy extreme rubbish. Tap water debates are hard to avoid but fitting an extreme filter ..... its all too much.

I eat virtually all non processed food, rarely drink alcohol and seldom drink carbonated drinks.

Too much information on the internet and too many books to pick a good one.

Any one able to signpost key things that helped them.

Is it work seeing someone like Dr Willis who is in my area for support/suggestions or will that bankrupt me? I feel maybe seeing someone holistic may mean I can pay them for their knowledge and use them as a filter but then am I just being a mug taking on all that they tell me.

Apologies but you can probably sense the head confusion!!!!

Happy to post blood results if that's of use - I certainly don't understand them and they seem ok so GP tomorrow will probably tell me they are fine!!!!!

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Yes! Do post your results - with the ranges. We'll all just be guessing otherwise. But, it does sound to me like you're under-medicated. 75 mcg is more or less a starter dose. In 18 months you should have got up to at least 100, if not more.

I don't think your doctor knows much about thyroid. Of course a long bike ride would wear you out - whether or not you're used to it - because such exercise will have used up your T3, and it's low T3 that causes symptoms like fatigue. Honestly, I often wonder where these GPs keep their brains! Simple logic would have told him that!

Do not stress about supplements. You should only take what you need. And to know what you need, you should get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested. That will give you a basis to work on - with our help, of course. But, whatever you do, don't by multivits, or things that call themselves 'thyroid support', they're just a waste of money. You won't get much out of them.

Do you take your levo on an empty stomach, and wait an hour to eat or drink anything except water (no coffee!)? Do you have your blood taken early in the morning - at least before 9, but preferably nearer 8 - and fast over-night? Leaving a 24 hour gap between your last dose of levo and the test? These are things that your doctor won't tell you - because he doesn't know! - but are essential for success in recovering. :)



If you look at the bottom of your post you will see a little box with a v in it. Click on that, then select Edit. In the last line of your post, please change that letter i to a letter o, then post again. Your typo is a bit alarming. :)

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It's ok just deleted was so awful thanks for pointing it out

Best wishes


Welcome to our forum and your story is another to join the long list of most of the members' of this forum.

Some women do become hypothyroid after childbirth - I don't think doctors know this fact.

We to read and learn and members are very supportive as their treatments, usually, didn't bring relief until they had information which helps.


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Here's some info about food sensitivities:


Yes post blood results!

Get the dr to check your thyroid antibodies to check for Hashimotos if they haven't already. Very common don't panic!

With you saying you were better gluten free it makes me think you may have it as you need to be gluten free with Hashimotos

Your adrenals sound like they are struggling too with your episodes of panic.

You need to check vit D, B12 selenium, magnesium, zinc, feretin, folate levels. I'm guessing some will be low with how you are feeling.

I had really bad post natal depression after my daughter which untreated led to panic attacks , agrophibia...

Then 30 years later I found I have Hashimotos so I wonder if it was that all along. Hassle the blooming dr, this is your health we are talking about and it's what they are there for!! Although don't let them just cop out and put you on antidepressants!!!

You will have some hormone imbalances in sure.

You can research adrenal fatigue on the internet so won't cost.

Also Kris Kresser website is good.

Dr Datis Khazzarian, brilliant.

The Immune System Recivery Plan book by Susan Blum is really good.



Take time for yourself.

Bath, candles, headphones, music. Let husband sort children in evening so you have time!!

Or when you are not working do it in the day.

Yoga is brilliant, find a class. Or find meditation on the internet, a really good skill to learn. X

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Re panic attacks, I suddenly had these last year, out of the blue.

Never before in my life, my doctor, and even my daughter tried to tell me it was stress. I knew they were wrong. They are frightening, but if you can, try to remember that they will get better, once you have sorted out what is wrong and got your vitamins all sorted.

I am on the road to recovery, and it is a slow process, but the most fantastic help is on this site.

Hang on in there, this site is brilliant, and you WILL get better.

In the meantime, try to be easy on yourself for a bit, it really helps.

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You've had good advice, especially the practical advice from GreyGoose. No one is repeating this because she's already said it, but if you're trying to figure out what advice about supplements, etc, listen to her.

The only thing I'd add is that you need to give yourself a break, because this is a serious illness. Sometimes you will end up getting exhausted by pushing the boat out and doing things you would have managed fine before you got ill.

Personally I'm not sure if people do, or how many people do get to the point where they can do things like go on a big unaccustomed bike ride and be fine afterwards. I'm a lot more ill than you, but I found it helps me to keep an open mind about how much better I will get, and realise there are some things I used to do that I may never do again.

I think in our society there is such a stigma about illness, or not being able to do things, or ever missing work. Sometimes it's hard to accept that it is happening to us. Often people prefer to think of themselves as lazy or worse than as ill.


Thank you everyone thats all really useful.

I'll post my bloods on a new thread


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