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Feeling overwhelmed!!


Hi I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in March this year. Within a few months leading up to and after diagnosed I went completely bald. I was put on 50mg thyroxine and retested 8 weeks after and the dr said my levels were fine now with no mention of testing again January this year I was 10 stone I am now 16 stone. I had severe nerve pain in my feet and this has stopped with 10 mg amitriptyline. I also take antidepressants. I feel so overwhelmed with everything and don’t know where to start to get myself better. Although some may think that hair loss would be the biggest issue, it’s my weight that I can’t come to term with the most as I’ve never been big. I keep looking at different diets read a bit then read that they don’t work with thyroid problems and just can’t get motivated. It all seems too much to take in about all these levels etc. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get the ball rolling into me feeling better? Thanks x

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You need to post your test results, including reference ranges, for members to be able to help. For a full picture we need to see




Thyroid antibodies

Vit D




If you don't have them and you are in the UK, ask at your surgery for a print out, don't accept verbal or hand written results as mistakes can be made, make sure it's a print out, post them on the forum and members will comment.

Ziggy12 in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you so much i’m in the uk, I will go to the drs on Monday and ask for a print out x

Bunnyjean in reply to Ziggy12

If you take the advice on here you can become well again, that's exactly what I did after joining 2.5 years ago. I had just had my thyroid removed and knew nothing about it. It took several months to sort out but now I feel well again, you can too.

Ziggy12 in reply to Bunnyjean

Thank You x

Try not to worry, I'm sure your results will help pinpoint the problem and in the meantime get plenty of rest.

Has your doctor told you to take your medication on an empty stomach with a full glass of water? Just in case he didn't give any instructions we need to take it on an empty stomach. As thyroid patients we often have low stomach acid so need to make such that we give our important medication every chance to be absorbed fully. The glass of water helps us to get the tablet(s) down to where they are absorbed. Then nothing else other than water for an hour then you can eat! There are other suggestions to make us well if we take other medication.

Thisforum is moderated by Thyroid Uk so if you look on their site you will see lots of info that I'm sure will help as well but change things gradually if that's needed asthen you can see what works for you best. There is also a list of symptoms which look daunting but we don't get all of them so good idea to print that off then tick the ones you are experiencing. When starting out it can be useful to repeat the process as time goes on to show any improvements but also be aware that things move slowly with thyroid problems, not being negative but just to make you aware that it takes time for improvement so stick at it. I didn't want you to give up if things don't change quickly, patience is often needed! Good to keep a diary or at least write if your results sheet what dose you were on and how you are feeling then you have an idea of your progress. Get into the habit of getting printouts of all tests and remember to always get the ranges as well asthey differ for lab to lab so if you post results asking for advice then we won't have a clue unless the ranges are there as well.

So glad that you have found us!

Ziggy12 in reply to silverfox7

Thank You i’m glad I found you too!! Dr just said don’t have caffeine for half an hour before I take the tablet so I will change to the advice you’ve said x

silverfox7 in reply to Ziggy12

I've given up on tea now as tends to be grown in Fluoride high soil and hardly have coffee now but socially might have one if pressed in an afternoon! Much preferred water now!

Hi ziggy12, I have been on amytriptaline twice. You will find it can make you put on weight as it slows things down. I was on it to try and reduce migraines. It worked for 6-9 months each time and I felt fine on it, then I found it stopped working so well (hence the break in taking it)

I do know it is used for peripheral neuropathy. It is worth asking why your GP put you on it, just so that you are informed of your condition.

(I think I read somewhere that neuropathy is a possible problem connected under active thyroid?)

The people on here are amazing, I hope you get some answers, help and improvement very soon. 🙂

Ziggy12 in reply to Lovecake

Thank you. He put me on amytriptiline for painful feet which he said was linked to the hypothyroidism but my right hip is playing up now as well, just when i’m lieing in bed strangely x

Lovecake in reply to Ziggy12

Get some extra pillows (I have 3 normal and 4 v pillows that I rotate or build up to get comfy.) My issue is with my neck and shoulders. Hope I don’t get foot pain. My husband has peripheral neuropathy and it almost drives him to distraction. 🙂

I remember those unwelcome overwhelming feelings in the early days.

The brain fog was so bad (as well as the gazillion other symptoms) I couldn't digest the advice this wonderful forum offered.

However, what I did start with, was my getting my vitamin & mineral deficiencies rectified and getting optimal.

I eventually decided on my hormone treatment and have not looked back.

The weight gain hugely bothered me. That said, as it's hard to lose with being underactive and having Hashimotos, I choose not to care about it anymore & am hopeful it will come at some point.

For me, choosing not to care about it takes the pressure off. I'm just over the moon my NDT helps & suits me. My hair is falling out and that does bother me, but I'm am experiencing a stressful situation at the moment and working on my iron intake, so fingers crossed.

Come back with your results, share them with the forum and you'll get there. It does take time, which isn't easy.

All the best 🙂

Ziggy12 in reply to Paula101

Thank you. I will hopefully getting the test results tomorrow x

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