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Acupressure for Thyroidism symptoms

Our work place is offering Acupressure sessions (£15 per ½ hour session) and I was wondering whether this would help with some of the symptoms I have with my underactive thyroid. The blurb states

Relieves muscle soreness and tension - I have shoulder pain

Stimulates the circulation, improving oxygen flow and toxin removal - I suffer from cold hands

Helps alleviate stress, Relaxes and invigorates - I can feel drained at times

Saying that my last results show I am now back in range so maybe before my next check up in 7 weeks time they will be cured anyway (recently upped to 125mg of Levothyroxine)?

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Symptoms can lag behind good biochemistry by a few months. It's worth trying accupressure to see whether it helps relieve your symptoms.

When you have your next thyroid test ask your GP to check ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate as hypothyroid patients are often low/deficient which can cause symptoms similar to hypothyroidism.


Thanks, yes I have already asked for the additional blood tests for my next check up in January - thanks to this community for the advice :-)

Would be nice to hear if anyone has had acupressure and if it did them any good?


I asked the oestomologist I have seen for back problems over the last few years to do acupuncture (as she had done some b4 on me) she said she's do thyroid pressure points it was fantastic I was.having a thyroid spike at the time (had only just started coming off gluten because of hassis) and it really downsized my throat temperature feeling I was really surprised it may have been co incidence but I quite honestly if my throat was that bad again I would rush straight back and she's £43.00 a time! I would certainly try it have you checked out the person is registered? Good luck


Thanks Debs, sounds great and I am sure he is registered as I work for a County Council and I'm sure Trading Standards would be on his case if not!

I finally got a letter from the NHS re the physiotherapy my doctor asked for over 3 months ago so I might go down that route first but will bare in mind the acupressure sessions.

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Not sure if this is relevant but acupuncture cured my migraines.


I did have acupuncture many years ago whilst suffering from an inward-growing goitre (I didn't know what my problem was at the time). I was quite quickly diagnosed as being beyond the scope of any treatment they had available.

The acupuncturist must have done or known something, however, as I was in hospital just a week later for an emergency partial thyroidectomy.

Make of that whatever you will.


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