Evolving thyroiditis? & T3

Still enduring another severe bout of thyroiditis and got an emergency appt today with my Endo. He explained I have evolving thyroiditis - I take it this means it getting worse and not improving? I explained I'm on levothyroxine since February and my TSH has gone from 149 to 0.41 in June to now 2.81 a month ago. Yet I still feel just as sick as I did 10 months ago so what is going on as I'm not improving. He's seeing me again on 29th December to review my TSH T3 & T4 as he's increased my Levi and if there's no improvement in my health has suggested a T3 & T4 trial. But only if my GP agrees as he can't prescribe it for me. Is this due to the cost? Is it expensive? Think I'm going to see my GP now and prepare him for a letter from my Endo requesting he prescribe this for me and hope he agrees! Is anyone else on T3 from the NHS and gas it helped? Thanks

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  • MissFG I have been taking T3 with Levo since May this year . My endo wrote to my doctors to tell them to prescribe T3 for me and so far no problem with getting it. This is NHS endo and prescription . I have found a big improvement in my symptoms since taking it. They used to keep increasing my Levo but like you still felt very ill. Think it is because I don't convert it very well.

  • How long did it take for you to notice a difference?

  • I think it was between a week and two weeks. The difference was amazing. More energy and much better mood much to the relief of my poor husband lol!

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