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Hi Everyone,

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease about a year ago. Since taking Levothyroxine my levels have been okay overall. My latest results were - TSH 1.18 mu/L and T4 21.4 pmol/L. I have a question about two other results from a previous blood test. Can someone please explain what Thyroid Thyroglobulin and Thyroide Peroxidase Antibodies are. And what should the ranges be? Both my results seem high Thyroid Thyroglobulin (493.3) and Thyroide Peroxidase Antibodies (292). And should these two be tested at every blood test. None of my doctors, including an endocronlogist have talked about these numbers before.

Thank you very much,


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These are antibodies which indicate autoimmune activity (thus the dx of Hashi's). They don't tend to test more than once, though if you're monitoring for your own purposes you can have private tests done.

Some people find that cutting out gluten and adding selenium help to reduce antibodies. Also being optimally medicated can help.

How do you feel? Has your t3 ever been tested? I wonder if you're converting as your t4 is awfully close to the top of the range and your tsh is ok, but not especially low.


Thank you so much for getting back to me.

I have definitely thought about cutting out Gluten, I haven't heard about selenium before.

These are my results from when I was first diagnosed until now. My GP doesn't give a T3 results but I also saw a private doctor who did.

December 2015: TSH 13.7 and T4 14.1

January 2016: TSH 0.5 and T4 20. Free T3 5.9

April 2016: TSH 0.9 and T4 21.7

May 2016: TSH 2.93 and T4 15.5. Free T3 4.7 (my numbers changed a bit here as I tried going down to 75mcgs instead of the usual 100mcgs)

Aug 2016: TSH 0.76 and T4 27.7

October 2016: TSH 1.18 and T4 21.4

In between July and October I was pregnant but there were complications. That's why the numbers changed quite a bit bewtween August and October.

I feel fine generally and I am on 100mcgs a day.

What do you mean by converting?

Thanks again for your help.



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