Private endo in Scotland that will prescribe NDT


I've had Hashimotos for years and used to live in the USA where my thyroid was really well managed but have recently moved back home to Scotland postpartum and my thyroid is out of control!!!!! Same old story, GP as much use as a handbrake in a canoe, knows nothing about thyroid etc and I can barely get out of my bed, covered in hives, face and eyes swollen for five months know, swollen joints and mega fatigue. Need doctor that will prescribe ndt. Willing to pay whatever it costs, please help!!!!

Thank you so much,

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  • Swolleneyes,

    Email for a list of member recommended endos. You should check with their offices whether they prescribe NDT before booking a consultation.

    Have you considered buying NDT online and self medicating?

  • Thank you I will email her. Also looking for any personal experience of a Endo that prescribed it in Scotland. I wouldn't buy online as I am breastfeeding and would only take a medication that I know where its coning from and what's in it exactly.

  • Swolleneyes,

    What difference does it make whether a Scottish pharmacy imports NDT from the manufacturer or distributor or you buy it from an online pharmacy who bought from the manufacturer or distributor?

    Details of ingredients of various brands are in this link

  • Thank you, I appreciate it. I wouldn't be comfortable self medicating so still looking for an Endo that will prescribe it.

  • Swolleneyes,

    Ask Louise for member recommended endos too.

  • Hi private message me and I can give you the name/address of a private GP in Glasgow willing to prescribe NDT then you need to send off your private prescription to a pharmacy in England to get prescription, this process is expensive, however, please note that I have ordered several brands of NDT online, they are cheaper, though I have ALWAYS went severely Hypo as I believe they are fake, all purchased from several recommended online sites.

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