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Hello I posted a month ago for the first time I'm very frustrated with my Drs surgery, I submitted in writing 3 weeks ago that I wanted a print out of my thyroid blood tests for the past four years just been to the Drs and it still Isn't done. Last week I had 5 migraines and I am getting demented with the fatigue, headaches, migraines, aches and pains in my arms and legs, brain fog- some nights I can't even manage to help my son with his homework and I have a degree. I am so forgetful, cold all the time, and cannot lose weight no matter what diet I try. So I have decided to try and find an Endo. privately as I am so fed up with my Dr/ Drs with the neuro dept. at hospital who are only interested in writing prescriptions for my migraines, I've tried many of them but the side effects are ridiculous, nausea, insomnia, dizziness, nightmares, over active bladder and nothing apart from TOPIRAMATE reduced my migraines significantly but I had to come off them as I was getting depressed, even suicidal I've gained over a stone and a half in a short space of time trying out Pitzofen and gabapentin for my migraines which didn't work. Is it the norm now for all Drs to write you a prescription, no investigation, no tests ,no referrals to other departments to me this feels like papering over the cracks !

Can anyone recommend a good Endo in Scotland I will travel if I have to.


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We understand your frustration and the most important - always being unwell and no action taken by the GP.

Have you had a recent blood test taken for your thyroid hormones. If so ask for the copy - it might be easier for them than going back four years.

If you've not had a recent one request another test for TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, FT3, Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, feritin and folate.

The test should be as early as possible and fast. If you are taking levothyroxine or another thyroid hormone leave about 24 hours from the last dose and the blood test and take it afterwards.

Post your results with the ranges for comments.


Thanks I had my blood tested in april I am always at the drs complaining of being unwell they recheck my blood and when I phone up for the results I am told its normal, will definitely fast then next time as I didn't know about that thanks


It doesn't matter one iota if the doctor says 'normal' it is completely meaningless when the clinical symptoms are ignored.

We can have hypothyroidism with a very low TSH but they don't know that or any of the clinical symptoms and only prescribe if the TSH reaches 10. Some might if TSH around 5 with symptoms.

Ask for a copy of your previous test anyway for comments. You can fast next time. The above recommendations is to try to keep the the TSH high enough for diagnosis and fasting has only been a new addition.

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Have you thought of looking for an 'integrated practitioner' (one who treats the whole body/causes of auto-immune illness rather than just the symptoms)? - Have you read Susan Blum's 'The Immune System Recovery Plan' (she's an integrated practitioner in the US who has Hashimoto's herself).

Very best wishes,


ive never heard of an integrated practitioner I'll have a look online thanks


In my experience all endos are worried about being struck off if your test results are within range and they give you any thyroid support - even if they know from symptoms that you are low.

By law, they have to give you printout of your test results. They may charge, but cannot withhold results.

I am afraid, the best way is to get an alternative practitioner who knows about thyroid in your area and get your own thyroid support. DIY. I am looking for a sympathetic endo for my patients, but have had to resort to guiding them myself.


Consider a private blood test including thyroid antibodies, which I would think they have not tested, and won't unless your TSH rises above a certain level.


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