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NDT/levo combination

Following on from yesterdays post i've realised i was a bit nieve thinking i could just swap over to NDT without side effects.

My body obviously finds the effects of the t3 strongly.

I want to persevere with NDT, but realise i should have gradually introduced it whilst reducing my levo.

I would like to reduce to maybe 1 grain and top-up with levo (i was on 125 mcg of levo before) but don't really understand how much levo i would need. Then i could increase NDT and decrease levo gradually.

I felt my best when i had been on NDT but still had some levo in my system.

Perhaps members could advice on dosing.

Thank you for your time.

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125mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to roughly 2 grains NDT. If you reduce to 1 grain you could add in 62.5mcg Levothyroxine.


Thank you so much thats very helpful


Start low and build up over a few weeks. Levo can stay in your system for upto 7 weeks.


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